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Elevator Speech

To date EOH have been gathering UWC business requirements with a view of delivering a blueprint document that will fully define the INFO LN solution. The purpose of our next series of discussions (25-27 July) is to review the Draft Blue Print information [see extract from Project Info Sharing session below].

This will be accomplished by viewing and again discussing a series of screen mock-up's/screen prints and related documented extracts.​ 


About Synergy

EOH will deliver and implement the solution originally proposed by its subsidiary Softworx, together with operating division Educos, for an Enterprise Resource Platform; in order to address the Finance, Bl, HR/Payroll and on-going process-based training requirements of the University of the Western Cape. The solution entails implementation of:
  • Financial Management, Procurement, Fixed Assets, Job Costing and Workflow;
  • Enterprise Performance Management Bl reporting;
  • Online learning tool;
  • Complete Humana Capital Management with Payroll

The Infor Ln and Educos solution aims to Improve Administrative Support and Efficiency through consolidating the disparate Financial and HR Application Systems into a Single Integrated Platform that integrates to the Student Administration System. This will address shortcomings in functionality e.g. Business Intelligence, limited technology road map, lack of digital readiness as well as address critical risks in the area of on-going support and maintainability of the current Financial and HR systems.

Visual Journal




Q: Do we have a project charter and what is it for?

A: Yes - The Project Charter:

  • Answers WHAT the project will achieve, WHY this is important, WHO will be involved and WHAT are their roles. As well as HOW and WHEN the project will happen.
  • Correctly represents the project.
  • Illustrates the project organization with names and titles.
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of the resources.
  • Indicates the authority, control, reporting and direction regime.
  • Identify who will exercise what control.

Q: What is the Steering Committee?

A: The primary function of the Steering Committee is to take responsibility for the feasibility, business case and the achievement of outcomes of the Infor LN project. The Steering Committee will monitor and review the project status, as well as provide oversight of the project deliverables rollout.

In practice these responsibilities are carried out by performing the following functions:

  • Monitoring and review of the project at regular Steering Committee meetings;
  • Providing assistance to the project when required;

Controlling project scope as emergent issues force changes to be considered, ensuring that the scope aligns with the agreed business requirements of project sponsor and key stakeholder groups;

  • Project budget monitoring and control;
  • Resolving project conflicts and disputes, reconciling differences of opinion and approach;

Formal acceptance of project deliverables.​


For more information regarding this project, please submit your query to​


 Project Synergy



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