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Careers Service DVD list: 


"Selection Success in One" includes:

* Your Job's On the Line (25 mins) shows two major employers selecting graduates using only their electronic applications. Because on-line application forms have tick-boxes, it can be tempting to treat them like any other on-line transaction (buying books or music on the internet). This is a mistake. A real human being will read you application form, and will expect to see as much evidence of your skills and commitment as with a paper-based application. We show how to maximize your chances of success: answer the question, offer evidence, market yourself and avoid common mistakes. 


* The Assessment Centre Video (27 mins) shows what happens at an assessment centre when a major employer selects graduates with degrees ‘in any discipline’. We see actual candidates taking part in a genuine selection day: group discussion, presentation, lunch with the selectors, in-depth interview. We hear how the selectors assess the candidates’ performance. The on-screen learning points reinforce the message of how to maximize your chances of success. 


* Why ask me that? (22 mins) shows a typical selection interview. We see two selectors comment on the performance of candidate in an entertaining and surreal drama. We learn about: first impressions, criteria, problem solving and body language, personal impact and teamwork. 


*These segments are available on individual DVDs as well. 


"Making an Impact!" 

Several students and graduates are interviewed by actual recruiters for different jobs. Selectors give their verdicts and candidates reflect on their own performance. 


Why ask me that? 22 minutes (Shelf no. 650.144 Why) What goes through the interviewer’s mind as you answer their questions? This video shows the progression of a typical selection interview. We see two selectors comment on the performance of a candidate. 


How to prepare for a job interview, 12 minutes (Shelf no. 650.14 How) Charge 2: Not preparing for your interview! The video provides guidelines for conducting an effective job interview (as seen through the eyes of a judge). 



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