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 Continuing Education: FAQs


Here we have tried to answer most frequently asked questions about Continuing Education.


1. What is ‘Continuing Education’ (CE)?

 Continuing Education is an integral part of lifelong learning and provides you with ongoing learning   opportunities to extend your personal, social and professional growth


2. What are CE courses?

There are essentially three types of CE courses: credit-bearing, non-credit-bearing and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

 · Credit-bearing courses carry a credit rating within a programme offered by the University. They are also offered for non-degree purposes and may be offered as ‘stand alone’ courses for which no formal credit is granted. 

According to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) rules, one credit is allocated for every ten ‘notional’ hours of learning. Notional hours are the learning time that it would take an average learner to meet the specified outcomes of the course. This includes contact time, individual learning and learning in the workplace.

· Non-credit-bearing courses have been designed without any reference to a specified system of credits depending on the purpose and/or assessment of the course.      

· CPD courses are designed for professional learners and points are allocated for participation rather than credits based on the assessment of competence. These courses are offered under accreditation agreements with registered professional associations.


3. Why should I apply for a CE course?

There are great benefits in taking a CE course. Our courses or programmes provide you with the opportunity to:

Improve your knowledge and skills in a variety of disciplines

Prepare for a variety of work situations

Enhance your professional qualifications in the competitive labour market

Pursue your personal interests

Improve your chances for admission to graduate studies at UWC.


4. Will I receive a certificate upon completing a CE course?

A certificate of competence is issued to learners after the successful completion of a planned assessment of learning.

A certificate of attendance is issued to learners for non-credit-bearing courses where no formal assessment of competence is required.


5. What is the level and credits of CE courses offered at UWC?

Most of the courses are on the recommended National Qualifications Framework (NQF) level 5 or higher. Level 5 is in line with first-year tertiary-level education.

There are a number of courses offered at level 4 but these courses are offered for non-degree or ‘stand alone’ purposes and no formal credit is granted. These are generally community-based courses that are not offered at Further Education and Training institutions.


6. Who approves the registration of a CE course?

All CE courses are scrutinized by the Faculty Academic Planning Committees for quality assessment before the Deans of the Faculties endorse the courses. Courses are tabled at the Senate Academic Planning Committee (SAP) for final approval by the CE Programme Coordinator.


7. How does the quality of CE courses differ from quality of full-time programmes?

The Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) oversees the quality of teaching and learning at all higher education institutions. UWC adheres to the principle of continuous improvement because we are committed to excellence, innovation and development which is grounded in reflective practice and through formal and informal cycles of research, planning implementation and evaluation.  CE courses are reviewed at least once every three years and where possible and relevant, they are reviewed at the same time as mainstream modules. This means that the same quality assurance mechanisms are required for all teaching and learning programmes offered at UWC.


 8. Why follow Continuing Education at UWC?

At UWC we are passionate about our mission to increase access and provide opportunities for lifelong learning. This is reflected in the broad spectrum of courses that we offer to the community, professionals, industry and the business sector. We are committed to offering high quality courses and programmes that are delivered in a supportive, friendly and challenging teaching and learning environment. Our academic staff are active researchers in their respective fields with well-established reputations nationally and across the African continent. All of our Continuing Education courses and programmes are subject to rigorous quality assurance processes that are aligned to the rules and regulations of Higher Education Quality Committee.


 9. Where can I find more information about a particular CE course?

Click here for a full list of CE courses. There you will find general information on all the available courses. If you want more detailed information, you can contact the relevant department from there.

 If you have any queries or need further information, please contact:


Ms Freda Daniels

Division for Lifelong Learning

Tel: 021 959 2799

Fax: 021 959 3788 / email:

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