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 Continuing Education: General information


 In addition to the formal menu of after hours programmes on offer at UWC there are various 'short' courses on offer to individuals, professionals, community-based organisations, corporate and government sectors. These courses are referred to as Continuing Education (CE) courses and are aimed at meeting the needs of those who are currently employed or unemployed, helping to secure access to the kinds of knowledge, skills and information required to participate effectively in society and in the changing economy. 

 CE Courses are available to members of staff and the public at various times and venues during the year.  Some courses are credit-bearing against existing qualifications, others are non credit-bearing, although they may carry 'Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points' if accredited by a professional association. The University is open to partnerships with the public and private sector with the aim of creating customised learning programmes that benefit organisations and individuals, while enhancing motivation and productivity in the workplace and communities.

In June 2013 the University approved a new policy for the management of continuing education courses.  The DLL maintains a register of all CE courses which are eight hours or longer. The Policy for Quality Assurance was approved in March 2007 to ensure quality procedures and practices relating to all CE courses offered at UWC. All course providers are required to review their courses once every three years in order to ensure that their course offerings remain relevant to current or future needs of society.

CE Courses at UWC are offered by the following schools and departments:

 The School of Public Health and School of Nursing have a wide range of CPD courses for professionals in the healthcare sector.

The School of Government offers a range of executive, middle management and secretarial courses for employees in local, provincial and national government including the parliamentary staff.

The School of Business and Finance offers a wide selection of business related courses.

The Human Resources Department coordinates CE courses for staff at UWC.

 Other departments and academic units offering CE courses include:

o   Community Engagement Unit

o   Economics

o   Education Studies

o   Division for Lifelong Learning

o   Fair Share

o   Further Education and Training Institute

o   HIV/AIDS Programme

o   Industrial Psychology

o   Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence for Sports Science and Development (ICESSD)

o   Information Systems

o   Library and Information Science

o   Religion and Theology

o   Science Learning Centre for Africa (SLCA)

o   Statistics

o   Technology Transfer Office

o   Transforming Institutional Practices (TIP)


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