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DPGS: Postgraduate School Thesis Finishing Retreat

Author: DPGS

The 1st of 4 Thesis Finishing Schools Supported 35 Postgraduate Students Towards Thesis Completion for December 2017 Examination

The 1st of 4 Thesis Finishing Schools Supported 35 Postgraduate Students Towards Thesis Completion for December 2017 Examination


The DPGS presented 1 of 4 Finishing School Retreats for 2016 this past week for            postgraduate students who hope to submit their theses by the deadline. This comes during a time of Higher Education turmoil together with the ever increasing socio-economic          challenges we face. It is also a time where there is a universal need for Postgraduates to     contribute to research and innovation and so respond to the national and international        development agendas.


Two more such retreats are being planned for this month to support more thesis final-stage   students who wish to submit their thesis in time for graduation in April 2017.  This past  retreat, attended by 35 students, has already ensured for two thesis completions at the time of the retreat with the others following during the next four weeks. 

The retreats aim to provide students with a conducive environment for thesis completion.  In addition to the existing support provided by the supervisors; the retreats offer the support of writing coaches who can assist with structuring final arguments, technical lay-out of the   thesis, data findings   alignment and presentation as well as methodological validity and reliability confirmations.

Prof Lorna Holtman, (director of DPGS) founder of the Finishing School Initiative stated that retreats like these ensured for the increased PhD completions the end of last year.  She said that word-of-mouth has gone beyond our campus as other universities have contacted her to participate in these retreats.  She indicated that the success of the finishing school retreats resulted in it becoming one of the flagship products to be on offer in 2017 to postgraduate students from UWC and other institutions by the newly established School for Graduate Studies (SGS) at UWC.

Students that attend the Finishing Schools will be prioritised for attending the upcoming Writing for Publication Retreat in February 2017 where they will be assisted with writing their first publication from their thesis within five days in an attempt to get a publication out before graduation or soon thereafter.  Prof Holtman indicated that the 2 Writing for Publication Retreats presented this year has already ensured for 4 publications with an additional 5 publications having been submitted to journals for peer review.

The Finishing schools are supported by funding from the office of Prof Fielding

(acting DVC: Research & Innovation).


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