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 How to book a Coach


One of the hallmarks of the services the Division of Postgraduate Studies (DPGS) offers is via the writing and statistical coaches. The coaches serve as research capacity development resources within DPGS to assist PG students in their post graduate adventure. Coaches are assigned based on PG students online requests and engage in a one-on-one sessions/meetings with PG students in an attempt to address the PG student academic needs. 

The procedures of booking for a coach include the followings steps. 

a. Complete and submit the online request form; read the and accept the terms of conditions of academic assistance services offered by the coaches as per coaches job description. Link is under related links

b. D/SPGS notifies coaches that most suitably fit into the PG student request based on the completed online request

​c. Coaches meet with PG students at designated venue (library level 13) on one-on-one session with assigned coach


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