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The Division for Postgraduate Studies subscribes to the following core values, which are aligned with the values as expressed in the vision and mission of the University and articulated in the Institutional Operational Plan (IOP) of the University:​

Equality & anti-discrimination: challenging inequalities and discriminatory practices by recognizing that people are not the same, but are of equal worth and importance and thus entitled to the same degree of respect, acknowledgement and opportunities.

Collective action: fostering active citizenry, to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of students, stakeholders and strategic partners for high quality scholarship and research that contributes to the national and international principles required for sustainable wellbeing (‘a better life for all’).

Social justice: identifying and seeking to alleviate structural disadvantage and advocate for strategies to overcome exclusion, discrimination and inequality and thus staying true to our past and confronting issues of exclusion

Empowerment: through using a strengths-based approach to bring about desired changes which involves supporting students and researchers to become critical, creative, liberated and active participants (active citizenry), thereby enabling them to take more control over their lives, their communities and their environment.​​​​​​


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