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Resources and Material on offer:

DPGS Erudition Opportunities – the key to unlocking excellence in innovative research and learning.

DPGS provides an inclusive, multicultural and holistic researcher development environment for all postgraduate and postdoctoral studies.  Our role is to provide key erudition opportunities which equip postgraduate researchers to succeed in contributing their research to a body of knowledge.  We provide central access to professional courses – where you can both succeed with your research studies and build your professional career. We offer you a range of opportunities and we draw from a substantial array of expertise in delivering these programmes – including collaboration with local and international experts and partner institutions.  

Using SPSS

SPSS 1.1 Getting started - overview_presentation

SPSS 1.2 Getting started - capturing data and importing from Excel_presentation

SPSS 1.3 Getting started - computing variables_presentation

SPSS 1.4 Getting started - re-coding variables_presentation

SPSS 2 Descriptive statistics presentation

SPSS 3.1 Cleaning data - missing data presentation

SPSS 3.2 Cleaning data - outliers presentation

SPSS 4 Graphs and data presentation





Atlas Ti 8

Atlas Ti 8 QuickTour​

Thematic Analysis Striving to Meet the Trustworthiness Criteria​​

Please see below some workshop presentations:

Academic Reading and Academic Writing March​​

Academic Reading and Academic writing June

Acceptability of healthcare interventions an overview of reviews and development of a theoretical framework

Attribution Theory A Theoretical Framework for Understanding Information Systems Success

DATA ANALYSIS For proposal writing

Data Tools Collection & Design

Delphi Technique Theoretical Framework

Developing Problem Statement And Justification of Study

Developing Research Questions and Sub Questions

How to Write a Good Research Proposal

Learning to trust and trusting to learn

Litearure Review

Presentation of Findings And Synthesis


Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analyses and Presentation march 2020


Smart searching in 60 minutes - 2017 short versions​

SRMO - Library Unit​

Synthesizing the Abstract

Theoretical Discourse in Research

Topic Conceptualization and Formulation

Understanding Theory and Research

Research Methodology​​

Data collection methods_Case studies

Data collection methods_Interviews

Instrumentation Part 1

Instrumentation Part 2

Research design_Secondary research

Research design_Systematic review

Theoretical discourse 1 research paradigms

Theoretical discourse 2 theory in research

Theoretical discourse 3 theoretical frameworks

Proposal 1A (1) Writing an introduction

Proposal 1A (2) Problem statement

Proposal 1A (3) Rationale for the study

Proposal 1A (4) Formulating Research Objectives

Proposal 1B Literature review

Proposal 1D Research Ethics

Proposal writing outline

Revised online DPGS programme

Qualitative data analysis Content analysis


Qualitative Data Analysis Narrative Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis Thematic Analysis​

Quality in Quantitative Research_Part 1 Reliability presentation

Quality in Quantitative Research_Part 2 Validity presentation

Quality in Quantitative Research_Part 3 Implications presentation

Developing a grant proposal

How to avoid grant proposal rejection​

WRITING SKILLS (Academic writing towards scholarly communication)​​

Experimental Research Designs

Focus Group Discussion​

Microsoft Word and Excel Presentations:

​MS Excel 2010

Ms Excel UI Intro​

Ms Excel creaing a new workbook 

Excel Formulas

Ms Excel Entering and manipulating data

Ms Word Manual

How to: Remove only 1 page number from Microsoft Word 

Creating a survey with SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey - Creating, Testing, and Sending a Survey

Google Form Survey Tutorial

Google Hangouts Tutorial​​

Youtube presentations:

List of YouTube Software tutoritals (Word, Excel, Survey Monkey etc)

List of YouTube tutorials and channel for SPSS​

Youtube channel with various research methods topics...Click Here

Youtube channel with writing a proposal and planning thesis...Click Here​


Should you have a particular research development short course in mind that you do not see we are open to suggested topics! Contact Peter

Make sure to book in time for the following resources and services on offer.  

To register or make a booking, Please email​ or contact (021) 959 3920

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