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 Graduate Development Programme

​The Graduate Development Programme (GDP) aims to contribute to the Foundation Programmes at UWC. Several studies emphasize t​he importance of addressing social and emotional factors in facilitating adjustment to the university environment, (Case 2007; Honikman 1982; Klagsbrun 1992; Sennett et al. 2003; Woosley 2003). Providing the tools for students to be more prepared to face daily challenges of university, can aid to actualise your potential.

Aims and Objectives of GDP


What is in it for the student?

  • GDP facilitates their academic, personal and social adjustment to university
  • GDP provides a community of inquiry and practice where students are able to critically engage and reflect individually and with a group on several themes which may directly or indirectly influence their ability to function optimally to achieve their academic goals
  • Students use a range of multi-media and e-learning resources to facilitate their learning and development
  • GDP enhances personal awareness of factors which influence academic achievement and provide students with the knowledge and skills to identify, manage and respond to it in a healthy way
  • The facilitator is a resource for early recognition and becomes a conduit for referral between the academic project and appropriate support services

GDP Classes

GDP classes/sessions will take place once per week, for one hour in a venue and at a time determined by the faculty for the full ​academic year. ​

GDP Sessions are

  • Interactive – Students are encouraged to participate and share their knowledge and skills. Truly student-centred practice!!
  • Reflective – Thinking about one’s experiences and lessons derived from them is crucial to learning and creating new experiences.
  • Informative – Lessons will present students with exciting informative and fresh perspectives on relevant real life issues. 

GDP Practices


Contact Information

Office for Academic Support 
Centre for Student Support Services 
Community & Health Sciences Building, 2nd Floor

Megan Brink: 021 959 9489



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