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 Therapeutic Modalities and Interventions

Therapeutic Modalities

We follow a brief term therapy model, drawing on a wide range of theoretical models. Some of these include:

  • ​Theories (Psychodynamic) which highlight the need to form relationships and the effect that relationships have on the individual. 
  • Other approaches (Cognitive Behavioural), which are more goal orientated aim to change thought patterns which influence behaviour.  
  • Additionally, some of the more contemporary approaches (Solution Focused and Strength Based), focuses on an individual’s strengths and resources to bring about change.

​Therapeutic Interventions​

The aim of therapeutic interventions is geared toward primarily restoring academic functioning.  Interventions are also geared toward reducing and managing symptoms, or to introduce Behaviour Modification within a supportive framework. Referrals might often be indicated as part of the treatment plan. These could be internal referrals to either Academic Support (to provide specific academic counselling), OSWD (to provide disability specific accommodation to the student), or SANCA (aimed toward the prevention and treatment of alcohol and other substances). ​At times external referrals to the community clinic, or other mental health professionals might be necessary.

Individual therapy (brief term and some long-term, face-to-face and via electronic means). 

Workshops on specific student-centred approaches are offered which are educational and geared toward building specific skills. 

Career counselling, scholastic assessments as well as other psychometric assessments e.g. Time Concessions which is conducted by Intern Psychologists. 

Online Support via email and other electronic communication. 


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