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 Office for Students with Disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSwD) is the central campus resource for disabled students who wish to request academic accommodations. In collaboration with students, faculties and departments, we coordinate accommodations and support to ensure equal access, promote awareness, as well as providing an individualised support structure for students with disabilities within the UWC community.​

We are dedicated to promoting equality, oppose unfair discrimination, ensure reasonable adjustment to campus, facilitate learning and encourage participation of all students in university life. Students with disabilities include those who might not directly identify themselves as disabled but who might face discrimination in everyday life because of their impairment.

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The functions of the OSwD include

  • ​Pre-admission assessment of prospective students 
  • Liasing with academic departments around registration to ensure that all roleplayers are aware of special accommodations that each student would require to function optimally in the UWC environment
  • Assessing students to ascertain which assistive devices are most suitable to their academic needs 
  • Providing information regarding access to financial aid for students with disabilities specifically

Services and Interventions

  • Ensure that venues are accessible to persons with mobility impairment
  • Provide academic material in Braille, large print, electronic format and audio
  • Arrange that tests and exams are written at OSwD
  • Arrange for an amanuensis to assist students who are unable to write/ type themselves
  • Liaise with lectures, tutors, administrators and staff at the library, residences and other departments and fellow students to foster an understanding of the challenges faced by students with disabilities 
  • Monitor the physical environment and  new development and new developments to ensure safety and accessibility to the campus community and visitor

The Office for Students with Disability facilitate various forms of support:

  • Assessments
  • Extra time for exams
  • Providing a scribe
  • Brailing 
  • Special access
  • Providing the use of sophisticated software during exams and for ongoing academic studies

Contact Information

Centre for Student Services, University of the Western Cape 
Robert Sobukwe Road, Bellville 
P.O. Box X17, 7535

Fax: 021 959 2882

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 08h30 – 16h30 
Closed on public holidays 

How to Find Us

The Office for Students with Disabilities is located on the Ground Floor of the former CHS Faculty building, between the New Computational and Mathematical Sciences building (CAMS) and the B-block. 

Contact our office for disability parking in advance if you require access when visiting. 

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