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 Prof Nico Orce beams the UWC/iThemba LABS partnership into CERN

Prof Nico Orce beams the UWC/iThemba LABS partnership into CERN

Prof Nico Orce at the ISOLDE facility (CERN)

Prof. Nico Orce, from the Department of Physics, has been invited to give a talk at CERN during the ISOLDE workshop (December 15 – 17, 2014) to present his research work at UWC/iThemba LABS. CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research and one of the most prestigious centres for scientific research.

This year CERN, commemorates the approval of the ISOLDE facility fifty years ago. The on-line isotope mass separator, ISOLDE, is a facility dedicated to the production of a large variety of radioactive ion beams for research in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics, solid-state physics, materials science and life sciences. The ISOLDE facility is located at the Proton-Synchrotron Booster at CERN and has remained a pioneer for designing new beams and state-of-the-art technology as well for as production of frontier Physics.

Prof Orce submitted the first African-led scientific proposal at CERN and the proposed experiment was approved in September 2013. He has now been invited to the 50th anniversary of the CERN facility, to present his work at UWC/iThemba LABS. His talk is entitled “The iThemba LABS Facility: Coulomb excitation studies and future plans at HIE-ISOLDE”. An experimental set-up similar to that at ISOLDE has been completed at iThemba LABS and the first experiments were carried out successfully in December 2013. These measurements with stable beams at iThemba LABS will prepare UWC’s postgraduate Physics students with hands-on and data analysis skills for similar measurements at CERN and the future radioactive ion beam facility in South Africa. The UWC/CERN experiment will run early 2016.

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