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8 September 2021
UWC law lecturer selected to participate in Future Professors Programme
Dr Muneer Abduroaf, a senior lecturer at the University of the Western Cape’s Department of Criminal Justice and Procedure, is one of 29 academics chosen to participate in the prestigious Future Professors Programme (FPP), funded by the Department of Higher Education Training (DHET). 

Dr Abduroaf is the first academic from UWC’s Law Faculty and the second from the university to be selected. He has been approved for the programme by Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Dr Blade Nzimande. 

This is phase two of the FFP, which aims to produce a “critical mass of academic excellence and leadership” in higher education. 

The programme is aimed at developing and nurturing candidates' academic leadership, research, teaching and learning, and community engagement. It further seeks to support participants in cultivating their capabilities, dispositions, and knowledge, and to provide them with the resources needed to navigate the expectations and requirements of the professoriate. “We wish him all the best on this journey,” said Professor Jacques de Ville, Dean of UWC's 
Faculty of Law

Applicants, who are nominated by their university, should hold a doctorate and show signs of purpose and direction in their academic work. Other desired attributes include a commitment to pursuing advanced scholarship and a willingness to benefit from and contribute to a community of scholars. 

An admitted attorney and a sworn translator of the High Court of South Africa, Dr Abduroaf is also a CRL Rights Commissioner appointed by the President of South Africa. This Chapter 9 institution promotes and protects cultural, religious and linguistic rights. 

Dr Abduroaf said he was honoured to be selected from more than 100 applicants from 26 universities for this esteemed programme. “My current scope of research looks at the application of Islamic law within Muslim minority countries, and I am working on Islamic Wills within the South African context,” he said. “I will make use of the opportunities provided via this programme in order to expand on my networks with other academics and specialists in my field of research, both nationally and internationally.”

The FFP includes a series of seminars, a baseline of evaluation and international engagement. “I believe that I would be able to acquire the necessary skills through my involvement in the programme to assist with the development of my students to become true scholars in the academic sense,” he added.

Dr Muneer Abduroaf has obtained an LLD Law Degree, an LLM Law Degree, an LLB Law Degree, BA Shariah Law Degree, and a Diploma in Arabic Linguistics during his academic career.