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13 August 2019
UWC Trailblazers

(Published - 13 August 2019)

Ali Elnaeim Elbasheir Ali – PhD candidate, Biotechnology Department (Supervisor: Prof Ndiko Ludidi)

“I am truly grateful and honoured to be the 2019 recipient of the exchange scholarship at the University of Padova in Italy. Undertaking this exchange programme motivates and inspires me to move forward with my future career and pursue my dreams to make a change in society. I would like to thank the University of the Western Cape for this wonderful opportunity.”

Ali Elnaeim Elbasheir Ali, 

Siphe Madyibi - Phd candidate, Economics Department (Supervisor: Dr Amiena Bayat)

“Honestly, I am worried about going to Granada University and conducting research in a Spanish speaking country. But there is a loud voice shouting inside of me: “Do it and see how it goes!” I believe that the only time you can turn down an opportunity is when you’re certain you cannot do it - not because you’re scared. You don’t pass on opportunities because you’re fearful or because the opportunity requires a little sacrifice. I also feel blessed and reassured that this will be a great and fruitful experience.”

Siphe Madyibi,

Tarryn Abrahams - LLM student 

“Being the recipient of the Mandela Scholarship and receiving the opportunity to study at Leiden University in the Netherlands, makes me feel immensely proud, privileged and honoured to be guided by the steps of the father of our young democracy - the late and great Mr Nelson Mandela.

“The Scholarship affords me the most wonderful opportunity to represent the University of The Western Cape and to interact with students from all walks of life. Through this programme, I will expand my frame of reference and experience in my chosen field of study.” 

Tarryn Abrahams,

Nondwe Mpuma - MA Creative Writing (Supervisor: Prof Kobus Moolman)

“I am excited to attend the University of Groningen and to experience a different way of learning and being. I look forward to the courses that I will be taking, which are all arts-related and at different levels of study. I am also looking forward to meeting new people, learning more about the Netherlands and expanding my world view. I am grateful for the support that I have received from my lecturers and the International Relations office, as well as the much-needed funding from Erasmus+ ICM.”

Nondwe Mpuma,

Evans Sakyi Boadu - PhD candidate, School of Government (Supervisor: Prof Issy Ile)

“I received a few academic scholarships, including the DAAD fellows scholarship. I feel honored that ERAMUS+ gives such a great fellowship opportunity to postgraduate students from all cultures and backgrounds, and that I have been chosen.

“I am most proud of this fellowship because I was nominated by my school (School of Government) and faculty (EMS). It really made me proud to think that I am making a good impression on my school and faculty. I will be attending the University of West Timisoara in Romania.

With this scholarship comes the opportunity to study in a different country and to learn and appreciate other cultures and languages, and ultimately to sharpen one’s intellectual acumen. It is also an opportunity to network with other faculty members and students.

It will enable me to work on the final phase of my thesis, with support from different faculty members, colleagues and students. I am excited for this great opportunity. I thank the International Relations Office (UWC) for their support thus far. ”

Evans Sakyi Boadu,

Yolanda Sigodi - MSc Biotechnology (Supervisor: Prof Mongi Benjeddou)

“I have been accepted for the Erasmus+ scholarship for a student exchange programme in France (SciencesPo Paris Campus). I am very delighted and grateful for this wonderful opportunity. Studying abroad has always been my dream, and this dream has come true for me. This opportunity will add value to my academic pursuits, and it encourages me to continue working hard. I look forward to the Semester in France. I will do my level best to make myself and UWC proud. I thank my family and everyone who has supported me and helped me believe in myself.”

Yolanda Sigodi,