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Finance and Operations

About Finance, Innovation, Operations, Infrastructure, Information & Communication Services (FIOII)

FIOII provides the finance, innovation, operations, infrastructure, information and communication services that support and deliver on the UWC mandate. We aim to continuously build on the service delivery, financial viability and solid capital base of UWC, by evolving people, systems and infrastructure to serve our stakeholders who have to deliver on teaching and learning, research, community engagement and innovation.

Executive Director: Mr Abduraghman Regal

Mr Abduraghman (Manie) Regal became the Executive Director: Finance and Services at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in 2004. He is responsible for the strategic management of finance, innovation, operations, infrastructure and information and communication services at UWC.

Mr Regal is also responsible for diversifying the university’s revenue base, developing entrepreneurs and facilitating opportunities for small to medium enterprises, determining policy direction, infrastructure expansion and improvement, and risk and compliance matters. Mr Regal holds a BCom Accounting degree from UWC and a BCompt Honours degree from UNISA.

In 2010 he completed the year-long American Council on Education Fellows Program in the USA, a leadership development programme for prospective Vice-Chancellors. Mr Regal is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and is a qualified Chartered Accountant CA(SA). Before joining UWC, he worked as an Audit Manager for Ernst & Young, and as a Financial Accountant for Southern Asset Management. 

The FIOII Vision

Our vision in FIOII is to provide professional services that deliver Stability, Viability, Sustainability and Security/Safety for our students and staff in support of leadership's vision for the University holistically.

The FIOII Mission

Our mission as FIOII is to create an Enabling Environment and to provide professional, quality, effective and efficient support and services to our university community in everything that we do.

The FIOII Values

In pursuit of achieving our Vision and Mission, the FIOII team has adopted the following values:
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Adaptability and innovation
  • Service orientation

Our Strategic FIOII Themes

Following on from the FIOII leadership team’s strategic planning initiatives, the following overarching guiding themes were adopted to assist each of the seven underlying units develop their own strategic plans for the future:
  • Diversifying the revenue base
  • Financial viability
  • Infrastructure expansion and improvement
  • Inclusivity/co-dependence
  • Integration
  • Entrepreneurial University
  • Safety
  • Service orientation
  • Student experience
  • Campus development (Infrastructure)

Access to Finance Documents

Access UWC financial policies, annual reports, certificates and other documents by clicking the tabs below:

Learn more about each of the departments:

About Business Development

The Business Development team provides quality business and enterprise development advice, support and services to the UWC community. At Business Development, we concentrate on facilitating and supporting diversification of the UWC revenue base.

This office manages, amongst others, the academic venues and facilities through the Venue Management Office and the UWC commercial/rental property portfolio.

The team also assists on budget reviews for Continuing Education courses, management consulting projects, manages selected student accommodation units (River Park apartments), supports the Technology Transfer Office and UWC Innovations (Pty) Ltd on Intellectual Property (IP) commercialisation projects and deals.

The team is also engaged in the facilitation of numerous technology-led innovation initiatives from a commercial perspective which includes financial modelling and high tech business modelling. We have played roles in facilitating campus wide innovative projects and promote a culture of collaboration with people and organisations both inside and outside of the traditional academic sphere.
General Enquiries
Telephone: 021 959 2603

Tenant Portfolio Management

UWC’s property portfolio ranges from tenants at the Robert Sobukwe Road campus to tenants at the satellite campuses in Tygerberg, Mitchell's Plain and Bellville City Centre. The Business Development team manages the activities associated with lease negotiations, renewals, site inspections, meter readings, invoicing and debt collection, as well as representation on body corporate structures.

The team provides input and support on the retail components of any new UWC infrastructure project.
Telephone: 021 959 2603

Venue Management Office

The UWC Venue Management Office (VMO) oversees the allocation of teaching and lecture venues to meet the requirements established by the academic timetable of the university. This involves balancing the competing needs of classes and academics to find the right combinations of classes and venues to best serve the UWC stakeholders.

The VMO also assists student affiliated bodies and structures, and academic departments with venues allocations for meetings, workshops and seminars.

Various external parties often request use of UWC facilities and the VMO plays an important role to facilitate access to UWC facilities where the nature of the request is aligned with the teaching, research, scholarship and outreach ambitions of the university.

The VMO manages access to UWC facilities by companies for the purposes of corporate promotions (activations, flyers, posters, sound events) and film shoots.
Telephone: 021 959 3528/9467


Mr Jacob Thampi is responsible for the university’s decentralised procurement function, and the accounts payable function, including travel aspects of both of these. 

After obtaining his BComm Degree in Accounting, Mr Thampi joined Ernst and Young to complete his articles. He joined UWC as the Management Accountant in 2000, where he completed his BComm (Hons) and his Chartered Accountant board exam.  

About Business Processing and Procurement

The Business Processing unit comprises Procurement, Accounts Payable and Travel.
  • Procurement maintains an ordered, efficient and accountable environment for the procurement of goods and services to effectively deliver on the University’s Mandate. 
  • Accounts Payable ensures and effects proper review and processing of payments to University vendors. 
  • The Travel section facilitates and ensures the efficient and compliant delivery of travel and related services to the campus community.

Accounts Payable 

This department is responsible for the processing of invoices and payments for trade and sundry invoices, staff reimbursement claims and travel in a timely, accurate and efficient manner. The payment of Sundry Vendors is effected via a division known as the Business Resource Centre.

We perform various checks on validity, accuracy and completeness of transactions and documentation to ensure that all the outflow of resources are adequately accounted for.
Telephone: 021 959 3399


The Central Procurement division is part of the Business Processing unit. It is responsible for compliance and oversight over the procurement of goods and services for the university.  The Central Procurement division also provides guidance and assistance to procurement staff from faculties, schools, departments and other units across the university on their procurement needs with the aim of providing responsive, consistent, high quality customer service. 

Procurement rules and procedures are guided by the UWC Procurement and Tender Policy as approved by the University Council.  The Policy states that the university is committed to procure Goods and Services in a fair, transparent, efficient and cost-effective manner.
Telephone: 021 959 3399



Mr Abraham Oliver is the Director at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), University of the Western Cape. 

Abraham is an incubator and Growthwheel specialist. He is further an experienced and professional SME practitioner both in the art and science of entrepreneurship. 

His experience spans over more than 25 years both in academia and SMME business modeling support. 

He was co-builder of False Bay College Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubator (CFERI) for 6 years. He pioneered and designed both learning programmes and Mentoring & Business Advisory Support programmes for CFERI.

He further was part of a team that presented a framework for Service-Learning Model at HAN University in Holland.

Abe coordinated an International Dialogue program between TSiBA and North Eastern University (USA) in Boston for five years. Abe participated in a four-week Oklahoma State University (OSU) Professional Fellowship Program funded by the US Department of State.

Abe completed his Master’s in Development Studies (2016) at UWC. His Thesis focused on Social Entrepreneurship & Service-Learning approach to develop community small businesses. BEcon degree; BEcon (Hons) degree with focus on Business Management and Higher Diploma in Education (HDE) from University of Western Cape and Higher Diploma in Higher Education and Training (HDHET) from CPUT.

Abe is accredited Assessor & Moderator. W&R Seta qualifications in Informal Small Business Practice. Abe is also a certified Growth Wheel Advisor. He is further  an assessor and moderator as well as  accredited assessor to   design & develop outcomes-based assessments plus learning programmes (ETDP_SETA).

About CEI

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation team is responsible for the managing and delivering of entrepreneurship training and development. The team provides quality business and enterprise development advice and support to UWC students and entrepreneurs at large.

The CEI combines entrepreneurship education, which is largely theoretical, with entrepreneurship training, which has a more practical focus on skills transfer and measurable results. Our course design, while founded in theory, acknowledges entrepreneurs’ need to acquire specific business skills – such as financial management, marketing, product design and procurement, and information directly relevant to their businesses.

  • To develop and grow entrepreneurial thinking, behavior and practices within all disciplines across UWC. 
  • To facilitate the concept that entrepreneurship can play a leadership role in transforming students, universities and the surrounding communities.
  • To consolidate, coordinate and synergise entrepreneurship activities at UWC in order to:
  • Highlight the successes of UWC more prominently with respect to current and future entrepreneurship - related activities.
  • Fulfill a coordinating role for the current and new entrepreneurship related activities at UWC and external stakeholders.
  • Fundraise and develop a long-term sustainable financial model for the Centre by developing projects in entrepreneurship.
  • Provide the environment with a fellowship of support to new and existing entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborate with national and international partners active in the area of entrepreneurship and enterprise development. 


Mr Shaun Jonkers is responsible for, among other things, the financial accounting, management accounts, student debt collections as well as contracts and grants management.  

He has a National Higher Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting and completed a Management Development programme at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School.

Mr Jonkers has worked for UWC’s Finance department for 20 years.

About Finance

The Finance Department is responsible for designing and implementing financial controls, policy and business process engineering that support the activities of UWC. This provides a financial framework to all parties mandated to transact on behalf of or with UWC.

Grants and Contracts

The restricted fund comprises a variety of private gifts and grants received from donors and third parties. In general, Council and Management have less control over these funds but have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that such funds are subject to the university’s internal controls, accounting systems and business processes, and used in accordance with the agreement with donors.

Student Accounts

Student Accounts is responsible for the billing of services, processing of student account adjustments, processing of various student and staff rebates, student statements and quotation requests, student refunds and ensuring student accounts are accurate.

For a free fee quotation, please click on the following link 
Telephone: 021 959 3558

Student Credit Management

Student Credit Management manages the risk and recovery of Student Fee Income from current and non-current students.  Student Credit management is also responsible for the administration and processing of the debit orders and methods of payment.

All payment and funding plans for payment of fees, registration clearance and graduation can be done via the UWC Student Credit Management portal:
Telephone: 021 959 3558


Mr Raymond Crown holds an Electrical Engineering degree from UCT and an MBA from USB and is a Certified Project Management Professional with the Project Management Institute and also a TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect.

He has provided technology advisory services across Africa and the Middle East. He served as the ICT advisor to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation in 2019/2020.

About ICS

Information and Communication Services (ICS) delivers Information Technology Services to the UWC community.

ICS envisions a Digital Campus where Emerging, Strategic and Innovative Technologies are leveraged to advance our Learning, Teaching and Research capabilities in order to maximise UWC’s contribution and impact at Regional, National and International levels.


The primary responsibility of the Communications Department is to provide Telephony, Lab Desktop Access and Video Conferencing services to the campus community.
Telephone: 021 959 2000

Application Support

The primary responsibility of the Application Development and Support Department is to provide maintenance and support to our administrative business applications on campus. This includes major third party systems interfacing with our current student administrative system.
Telephone: 021 959 2000

IT Operations and Services

Their primary responsibility is to assist staff and students with any IT related queries, ICS has a Service Desk to deal with any problems or queries that you may have. All of the ICS services must be accessed via the Service Desk.

The Helpdesk is open from 08h20 to 16h30, Monday to Friday. We are closed weekends and Public Holidays.
Telephone: 021 959 2000

IT Procurement and Vendor Management

The IT Procurement team is responsible for procuring all IT related goods and services for the UWC community as well managing the ICS vendors.
Telephone: 021 959 2000

Project Management Office

The ICS Project Management Office (PMO) consists of a dedicated team that delivers professional services within the areas of Business Analysis, Project Management, Project Administration and Coordination across the University of the Western Cape.

The ICS PMO is continuously striving to improve their methodology, as well as aligning it to current best practices within the industry. Depending on the specific project implementation approach and requirements, they have adopted a hybrid approach in the management of projects that embraces elements of PRINCE2, Waterfall and Agile frameworks/methodologies, and from a business analysis perspective they have adopted the fundamentals of BABOK.
Telephone: 021 959 4019
Information and Communication Services (ICS) staff 2022


Mr Jairaj Ramchander is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), with more than 30 years of experience in the built environment sector. He is also an accredited facilities professional with the South African Facilities Management Association.

Before joining UWC, he was the CEO of Thembelani Facilities Consultants and was responsible for outsourced facilities management services at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. 


About I&E

Infrastructure and Engineering provides and maintains the general physical infrastructure and associated services as needed by the university to deliver on its mandate, with focus on efficiency, economy and sustainability.

Maintenance Services

  • Buildings, related infrastructure and equipment
  • Security related infrastructure and facilities

Infrastructure Projects

  • Refurbishment and upgrades of buildings
  • Development of new buildings and facilities

Facilities Management

  • Soft Services - hygiene and pest control services and maintenance
  • Gardens and grounds development and maintenance


Mr Bentley Jeftha serves on the Executive of Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa. He is also a member of ASIS International, a professional body of international risk managers.

He is an ISO 28 000 implementer and auditor and State Security Agency (SSA) security management adviser. He worked for the SAPS holding the rank Inspector in the Intelligence Division and implementing key strategies. 

About Risk & Compliance

The Risk and Compliance function is responsible for the appropriate development, management and application of resources, strategies and policies and initiatives to adequately address the various risks to the university’s stakeholders, property and reputation.

Campus Protection Services (CPS)

The University of Western Cape, Campus Protection Services department (CPS) creates a safe and secure environment on campus by enforcing laws, policies, guidelines and actively preventing crime. The department’s mission is to protect the university through professional security services and through leadership of community partnerships, while fostering the educational mission of the university.

Staff are responsible for crime deterrence, crime investigation, dignitary protection, traffic services, access control and CCTV monitoring, emergency response and handling routine calls for service. These teams are on duty, throughout the year at our campuses, residences and sports facilities. Our security officers are trained to respond to emergencies with care and caution and they are always connected to the central command centre via radio communications.

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We kindly request all members of the university community to be security conscious and proactively report criminal or suspicious behaviour on campus. 

24 Hour Emergency Line: 021 959 2100
State your name, extension number, nature of crisis, location and always ask the name of the person who takes the call.

The Safety, Health, Environment and Emergency Services

The Safety, Health, Environmental and Emergency Services department makes the university safer by providing health and safety oversight, and eliminating environmental, chemical, biological and radiological hazards on campus. The department provides supportive technical consultation, training, investigation, and audits to ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by the local municipal by-laws and legislative requirements. Its primary functions are to guide, assist and support the university community in meeting health and safety responsibilities, to prevent or reduce incidents and diseases and to identify and eliminate environmental hazards and dangerous conditions. S.H.E’s mission is to promote safe, healthy and compliant facilities and ensure environmental quality for the university community.

The department is further responsible for Fire Safety and Medical Services, to protect lives, assets and property of the university by working in conjunction with municipal fire protection and emergency services agencies, and to collaborate with these agencies in the prevention of fires and medical emergencies, and the advancement of fire safety education programmes. The department monitors all university buildings for compliance with statutory requirements, establish pre-incident plans for facilities, and work closely with the university community to perform inspections and participate in emergency evacuations/drills necessary to lower the risk and potential repercussions of fire and medical incidents. The department also teams up with municipal agencies to ensure building construction and renovation projects are compliant and safe.
Telephone: 021 959 2100

Contact List

Business Development

Sue Nitsckie
Venue Management Office
Tel: +27 21 959 3528

Business Processing

Gwen Petersen, CA(SA)
Accounts Payable
Tel: +27 21 959 2187

Nicolene Andipatin
Procurement and Travel
Tel: +27 21 959 2140


Shereeza Bergstedt
Management Accounting and Budgeting
Tel: +27 21 959 2122

Troy Burton
Student Finances (Student Accounts and Student Credit Management)

Charlotte de Villiers  
Systems & Information Integration
Tel: +27 21 959 9581

Cheryl October
Financial Accountant: Finance & Treasury
Tel: +27 21 959 2624 

Tashreeqah Taliep 
Grants and Contracts
Tel: +27 21 959 2584

Infrastructure & Engineering

Nikki Jinka
Deputy Director


Facilities Management

Jade Leon
Gardens and Grounds
Tel: +27 21 959 2540

Saudiqa Yasin
Manager: Soft Services and Procurement
Tel: +27 21 959 9266

Infrastructure Projects

Nasser Abdullah 
Capital Projects
Tel: +27 21 959 3306

Ian Charles
Science Precinct
Tel: +27 21 959 2551

Junaid Gafieldien
Secondary Works
Tel: +27 21 959 3952

Esmé Jacobs
Residences Precinct
Tel: +27 21 959 2893 

Igshaan Jacobs
Academic Precinct
Tel: +27 21 959 4079

Roscoe La Fleur
FCHS Precinct
Tel: +27 21 959 4078

Shamil Slamdien 
Unibell Residence Project
Tel: +27 21 959 2911

Maintenance Department

Peter Arendse
Tel: +27 21 959 2657 

Warren Coetzee
Tel: +27 21 959 2191