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8 June 2023
Apply now: Abe Bailey Travel Bursary 2024
The Abe Bailey Trust and the Travel Bursary was established in terms of the Will of Sir Abe Bailey who died in 1940. The Trustees of the Abe Bailey Trust make funds available for travel bursaries known as the Abe Bailey Travel Bursaries. These Travel Bursaries give selected university students and university staff of junior Lecturer status an opportunity to visit the United Kingdom. Applicants must understand that this is a Travel Bursary which demands a different skill set from the criteria of a normal bursary. 

The Trustees are looking for applicants who have an ability to listen, to express an opinion, possess an enquiring mind, want to broaden their horizons and above all wish to keep learning. Successful bursars need to enjoy working with people, to exude a positivity and enthusiasm which raises the energy levels of those around them and to demonstrate the following Objectives.  


Application deadline: 15 June 2023


For any related queries, please contact Ms Zinia Bunyula (Research Development and Postgraduate Support Office) at