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Message: Deputy Vice-Chancellor for SDS

It gives me great pleasure to introduce and welcome you to the new Student Development and Support (SDS) website. We are presenting new and vibrant content that is aligned to the way in which SDS wishes to relate to students, staff and partners, internal and external to the University community. Even before this process was officially launched, I placed the website revamp as one of the key drivers of the SDS communications strategy because it is through a dynamic website that we are able to communicate our message and connect with students, staff and partners in a meaningful way. This commitment places an important responsibility on SDS departments who are ready to ensure that they provide updated and accurate information to facilitate organised and timely interactions about the work we do, our strengths and the ability to use partnerships to achieve better results.

There are a range of activities and programmes that are happening within the SDS Division and these involve students who are doing amazing work and continue to put UWC on the map. They live the SDS Motto: " Creating your Future" by embracing being agents of change because they are convinced that they have an important part to play in creating an environment where each student could be supported in fulfilling a natural talent as part of their own development and for the university to provide a holistic student experience. These wonderful stories about what students achieve and the role of student leadership will find prominence on the website.

We have come to realise that not everyone knows what Student Development and Support is all about and this gives us a unique opportunity to communicate who we are, what we do and how we do it. Please take your time to navigate the website and enjoy the fresh look and exciting content.

Please stay safe and take care!

- Prof. Pamela Dube