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Life Sciences: Online Rubric aligned to Assessment

Author: CIECT

Integrated within the online environment

Life Sciences Lecturer, Rosemary Eager (LFS 152) has created an interactive online structured environment for teaching and assessment purposes.

CIECT in collaboration with the lecturer conducted a hands-on student workshop for the 1st year Life Sciences students. The training workshop enabled students to engage within iKamva:

  • Upload an assignment in iKamva; and
  • Retrieve and interpret the originality report from Turnitin.

The students submitted their tutorial activities, engaged in online tests; as well as submitted assignments via the iKamva platform. These Assignments were linked to the Turnitin platform which is integrated within iKamva.

Rubric aligned to Assessment

The lecturer also integrated the Rubric eTool which enabled her to grade students according to specific criteria, including:

        • Main idea,
        • Important supporting information,
        • Written language skills and critical thinking,
        • Article details, and
        • Conclusion.

Pre-Lab Simulations

Furthermore, the module also showcases Pre-Lab simulations, enabling students to practice laboratory skills in a safe, virtual environment. 

Contact the CIECT team to assist you to integrate the online rubric into your online environment.


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