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Office of Student Development (OSD) uses ‘screen recording’

Author: CIECT

Produce instructional videos

After attending CIECTs, ‘Screen Recording, Conversion and Compression’ training workshop, the Office of Student Development produced videos to instruct students on how to use the Career Services Portal. The videos were uploaded to YouTube for students to access.

A screen recording is a video recording of computer screen output. It is like pointing a video camera at your screen and recording the activity. There are many benefits to screen recording such as:

·         Recording a lecture and placing it online

·         Explaining complex charts or diagrams

·         Developing a marking scheme and sharing it with students

·         Giving feedback on an assessment

·         Navigating a website / Learning Management System

·         Assessment

The videos can be viewed at:

During training participants are taught how to: 

  • Record their computer screen and voice over for screencast,
  • Convert a screencast to different formats best suited for the platform where it is going to be used, and
  • Compress a screencast (video content) so that it takes up less storage and utilises less bandwidth when placed online.​


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