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Xhosa Department: Tests and Quizzes for Formative Assessment

Author: CIECT

[Language Acquisition]

The Tests & Quizzes tool allows lecturers to create online assessments (i.e. tests, exams, quizzes, and surveys) for delivery via a web interface to students. Various assessment types include: ‘true or false, multiple choice questions (MCQ) ‘fill in the blank’, short answer essay’, matching, numeric response, calculated questions, hotspot (image), audio recording and surveys. Lecturers can set tests for formative and self-assessment purposes.

Application: Variety of question types to assess language acquisition  

Lecturer Zukile Jama created online formative assessments for students engaged in the Xhosa Modules (XHO 002 and XHO003). The lecturer consulted with CIECT and was advised regarding the various types of questions and its benefits according to the specific needs. 

The lecturer made use of different question types to test students' understanding and application of the language. Question types such as true or false; multiple choice questions (MCQ); fill in the blank; and matching, were included within the three different online tests.

The tests were divided into different parts which assessed different concepts and terms. Key phrases were listed in English and students were required to type their answers in isiXhosa. The lecturer also focussed on the use of correct spelling. 

Some test questions also included images whereby students were required to match the image with the correct phrase.

The lecturer was able to retrieve the test results and students were able to view their marks of the completed online tests. 


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