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7 June 2021
Call for DAAD merit scholarships for Masters degree in Development Studies 2022
The Masters in Development Studies is designed for those planning a career in the field of economic and social development as policy-makers, activists, administrators, developers, researchers or teachers at universities.

The SA-German Centre for Development Research offers generous two-year DAAD merit scholarships for Masters degrees in Development Studies at the Institute for Social Development (ISD), School of Government, University of the Western Cape in Cape Town.

The Call for applications for the 2022 intake is now open with the deadline of 20 June 2021. The online application form can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Please read application procedure carefully and especially start preparing the necessary documents as explained.

Please understand that we don't have the capacity to answer questions via email which can be answered by reading the call text on the application website carefully. So please refer first to the information given in the "How to apply sections" of each Programme, before asking questions via email.

For further information about how to apply, click the following WEB LINK.