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3 June 2017
Please Read Convocation Election Points of Note for 3 June 2017

Convocation Election 2017

Dear Members of Convocation,


The election of two Convocation members to serve on the UWC Council will be held on 3 June 2017. The voting station will be in the foyer of the Main Hall and will open at 7:30 and close at 10:00.


Please note that due to the “UWC BestMed Fast and Flat” race, the entrance to the University on Robert Sobukwe Road will be closed. Please use the entrance to the University on Symphony Road. Signs will be posted from there to the voting station.


1.   The following persons are deemed to be members of the Convocation and are eligible to participate in the election process –

1.1  Academic employees of the University, appointed permanently or on contract for a period of not less than one year;

1.2  The Rector, the Vice-Rectors, the Registrar, the Executive Directors and the University Librarian;

1.3  Two members of the Council elected by the Council to serve on the Senate;

1.4  Graduates of the University (degree qualifications only); and

1.5  Those persons who were Convocation members prior to 2005.

2.   When entering the voting station, please produce some form of identification, i.e. ID, Driver’s licence, student card, to verify Convocation membership.

3.   After verification and confirmation of Convocation membership you will receive an official ballot paper and your thumb will be marked with an indelible pen to indicate that you may and have voted in the election.

4.   Please proceed to an empty voting booth to complete the ballot paper and thereafter place your ballot in the ballot box.

5.   Please note:

5.1  Two candidates are to be elected.

5.2  You may vote for any candidate. Designate your choice by making one cross (X) in the block next to the name of each candidate for whom you wish to vote.

5.3  Do not make more than one cross against a name, and do not vote for more than two candidates as it will spoil the ballot.

5.4  Use only the official ballot paper issued by the Registrar. No other ballot paper will be accepted.