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A UWC First: 100% Online Management Development Programme

UWC’s new Online Management Development Programme: Education and Empowerment For Everyone, Everywhere

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has launched its first Online Management Development Programme, providing access to previously disadvantaged individuals and those who seek to obtain a management qualification.

This groundbreaking course has been designed to provide aspiring managers and first-line managers with the opportunity to acquire a background in the core functional areas of management, together with the skills necessary to advance into middle management careers, and also to progress to accredited graduate studies in Management or Finance.

Building up management capabilities will have swift and powerful benefits for South Africa. The country’s economic growth is dependent on the rapid development of talented managers who are attuned to the domestic context and the competitive demands of an increasingly global marketplace.

“Skilled managers are able to make the best use of the resources they have available, inspire and empower their employees, and form meaningful collaborations,” notes Prof Kobus Visser, former Dean of the UWC Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. “By doing our bit to produce just that sort of manager, we hope to help build stronger companies, promote job creation and fight unemployment - and ultimately strengthen the economy.”

What makes the programme special?

The Management Development Programme (MDP) is relevant to aspiring managers and junior professionals who are ready to further their careers. The foundation modules of the MDP include Management Skills Development, Introduction to Information Systems and introductory modules in Management and Finance. It is an access programme to accredited postgraduate studies.

Successful graduates of the MDP programme qualify for - and can apply for - the Senior Management Development Programme, which then allows students to continue and complete their studies into an advanced diploma, postgraduate diploma, master’s degree - right up to the PhD level.

The Senior Management Development Programme is designed for experienced professionals who want to continue a successful climb in their management careers.

On completion of the SMDP, participants can apply for admission to the Advanced Diploma in Management specialisation, or to the Advanced Diploma in Management with a Finance specialisation.

The course recognises that many students need intensive support to develop a range of professional communication and academic skills to succeed in the workplace and in further academic study.

Here’s how that works:

  • No travel required - 24/7 access to the learning environment
  • Flexible learning - on your own time, from anywhere
  • University-accredited education - a pathway to a degree and PhD
  • Study while earning an income - affordably
  • Pay per module - learn what you need

Education for Everyone

The University is proud that it is making advances to provide high-level education to all South Africans, no matter where they may find themselves.

“Education is the ultimate tool with which we can build better lives - not just for ourselves as individuals, but for our communities as well, and for society as a whole,” says UWC’s Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tyrone Pretorius. “With this programme, we are bringing that tool to anyone who needs it, when and where they need it most.”

And when the critical thinking of higher education, the economic empowerment of management skills, and the freedom of accessing coursework online combine, the possibilities are endless.

“Education is for everybody,” says the University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic, Professor Vivienne Lawack, “and all of us deserve the chance to find meaningful work and gainful employment. So when those things meet online, who knows what can happen?”