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21 November 2022
Building on the long-standing partnership between VUB and UWC
Vrije University Brussels (VUB) and the University of Western the Cape (UWC) enjoy a close and vibrant partnership.
Prof José Frantz and Prof Jan Danckert

VUB’s values mirror those of UWC - criticality, a democratic approach and the pursuit of social justice in service to humanity. Highlighting digital transformation as a critical focal area for both universities has led to discussions this past week between the two institutions. 

UWC was represented by Prof Jose Frantz (DVC: Research and Innovation), Prof Julie Phillips (Acting Director, Research and Postgraduate Studies), Mr Larry Pokpas (Institutional Planner) and Mr Umesh Bawa (Director International Relations). The VUB partners were Prof Jan Danckaert (VUB Rector), Prof Leo van Audenhove (Head of the Department of Communication Studies) and Prof Pieter Ballon (Vice-Rector for Research).
The partnership has been entrenched since UWC’s previous Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Prof Jakes Gerwel, received his PhD from VUB in 1979 and president Nelson Mandela received an honorary doctorate from VUB in 1993. 

Strategic international partnerships have been vital to building universities over many years. UWC and VUB are no different, with a partnership of almost 20 years.
Prof Leo van den Audenhove, Prof Julie Phillips, Prof José Frantz, Prof Jan Danckaert, Mr Larry Pokpas and Mr Umesh Bawa