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1 December 2014
UWC Press Statement 2014 Convocation Election Results

UWC Press Statement 2014 Convocation Election Results

A record number of just over 400 convocation members participated in the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) Convocation elections.In the interest of transparency the University would like to share the results of the two elections. The first election was for the purpose of electing two members of convocation who will be Council members, their term starting on 1 December 2014. Following a vote count – conducted in full view of the scrutinisers and independent auditors, and in addition to being recorded on camera – the secretary to the Convocation announced that Mr Brian Williams and Mr Songezo Maqula were the democratically elected Council representatives.

The vote results are as follows:

Judge NC Esrasmus - 182

Prof BD Figaji - 158

Dr M Hendricks - 36 

Mr S Maqula - 189

Ms SS Ntoyanto - 67

Mr B Williams - 199

Spoilt ballots - 1

The second election was to elect the President of Convocation for a term of one year. There were three nominees, namely Judge Nathan Erasmus, Ms Scholastica Ntoyanto and Mr Brian Williams.

The vote results are as follows:

N Erasmus- 91

S Ntoyanto- 15

B Williams- 93

Spoilt ballots- 2

UWC is pleased that all electoral processes were strictly adhered to during these significant elections.

The University, in terms of its statute, had enforced stringent procedures to ensure that the election process was both fair and free, thus eliminating any doubts with regard to the validity of the election outcome.

All voters were verified prior to entering the voting area. Voters’ fingers were marked to ensure they did not vote more than once. Senior staff from an independent audit firm were present to oversee the process.

UWC wishes the new Convocation President Mr Brian Williams and the Council representatives well in their roles, to ensure the prosperity and progression of this highly esteemed institution.