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Digitisation, history, and the making of a postcolonial archive of Southern African … Authors:  A Isaacman, P Lalu, & T Nygren … Source: Indiana University Press​ and MUSE Project …
Authors: Aduwc\Nmakhubu Date: 2013/02/12 Size: 74KB


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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PROGRAMME FOR 2019 HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR NEW ADMISSIONS.  … Take on leadership roles in LIS organisations: in planning, … Apply human resources management (HRM) theory and …
Authors: Zondray Charles Nagel Date: 2018/08/28 Size: 145KB


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The Nursing Department in collaboration with CIECT designed and developed an application to enhance administrative and educational practices … Digitisation of the skills evaluation forms …
Authors: Clint David Braaf Date: 2019/04/04 Size: 66KB


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Search for general information and people … Faculty of Community and Health Sciences … ​Digitisation, history, and the making of a postcolonial archive of Southern African …
Authors: Aduwc\Nmakhubu Date: 2013/01/18 Size: 63KB


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Prof A Krog - Creative writing; Afrikaans culture; Reconciliation … Prof P Lalu - Globalisation and Humanities, Digitisation … Prof P Le Roux - Basic Income Grant … info@uwc.ac.za | +27 21 959 …
Authors: Aduwc\Nmakhubu Date: 2013/02/11 Size: 72KB


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The results speak for themselves - UWC athletes have enjoyed one of the most successful years … the University. These include the Robben Island Digitization Project and the Case of Sport …
Authors: Aduwc\Slande Date: 2015/10/20 Size: 69KB


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services. Data mining is prohibited.” * Digitization as Fair Use Authors Guild, Inc. v … effectively competing substitute.” id. at 221. Digitization as Fair Use Small size of …
Authors: Anthea Josias, Tomas Lipinski Date: 2017/06/06 Size: 3MB


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Tomas A. Lipinski, Dean and Professor … School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee … Network neutrality is the principle that all content and services on the Internet …
Authors: Zondray Charles Nagel, Katie Kritikos Date: 2016/07/14 Size: 1MB

https://www.uwc.ac.za/Faculties/ART/LIBIS/Documents/Emerging Issues U of Western Cape.pptx

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This proposal is for a fundamental acquisition of a state of the art research equipment for … 3) 3 XIA PIXIE 16 digital data acquisition cards (12 bit 500Mz digitization) with a crate,  …
Authors: Byron Van Wyk Date: 2018/03/19 Size: 72KB


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The Annual General Staff Orientation of 2019 served as a high-level on-boarding session, where … also highlighted the importance of digitisation & our preparedness for the 4th Industrial …
Authors: Nashira Davids Date: 2019/02/06 Size: 71KB


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