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The School of Nursing is the largest School in the Faculty with over 100 staff employed in the School, covering Academic staff (professors, lecturers and clinical supervisors), Administrative support staff (Administrative officers, Clinical Placement Officers and Technical Skills Laboratory Assistants) and Work study research assistants.

Head of Department

Professor Penny Martin
Qualifications: BA Cur (HSM-Cum Laude & NEd - UNISA), MA Cur (Distinction) (UNISA), PhD (UWC)
Position: Director - School of Nursing

Academic Staff

Professor Hester Julie
 BA (Hons) (UNISA), BCur MPH, MCur, PhD (UWC)

Professor Deliwe Phetlhu
BA (Nursing), MCur (Community Nursing Science), PhD (Nursing) (NWU)

Professor Jennifer Chipps - NRF C-rated Researcher (2021-2026)
BSc Nursing (Wits), BSc (Psychology) (Hons) (UNISA), MPH (UNSW Australia), PhD (UKZN)

Professor Felicity Daniels
Dip Nursing, Dip Midwifery, Dip Psychiatric Nursing (Cum Laude), Dip Nursing Education and Community Nursing Science (UWC), MPH (UWC), PhD (UWC)

Professor Patricia Mayers
BA Nursing, Dip Midwifery, Dip Psychiatric Nursing (Cum Laude) (SU), Cert (Marriage Guidance & Counselling), BA (Cur) Nursing Education (Cum Laude) and Community Nursing Science (UNISA), M Sc Med (Psychiatry) (UCT), D Phil (Psychology) (SU)

Professor Karin Minnie
 B Arts et Science (Nursing Science) Cum Laude, Hons (Psychology), MCur Cum Laude (PU for CHE), PhD (NWU)

Professor Talitha Crowley - NRF Y-rated Researcher (2023-2028)
BCur PGDip (Nursing Education, Primary Health Care and Health Services Management) MCur PhD (SU)

Professor Penny Martin
BA Cur (HSM-Cum Laude & NEd - UNISA), MA Cur (Distinction) (UNISA), PhD (UWC)

Dr Million Bimerew
BA (AAU-Eth), DipNur (Jimma Uni-Eth), MCur, MA Ned, PhD (UWC)

Dr Portia Bimray
 BCur, MCur (SU), PhD (UWC)

Dr Jeffrey Hoffman
BCur, MCur (UWC), PhD (UWC)

Dr Juliana Willemse
 MCur (UWC), PhD (UWC)

Dr Furaha Akimanimpaye
BCur, MCur (UWC), PhD (UWC)

Ms Delphine Awah-Sih
Qualifications: BCur (UWC), PGDip Nursing Education (SU), PGDip Maternal and Child Health (UCT), MCur (UWC)

Ms Gabieba Donough
Qualifications: BCur (UWC), MCur Education Management (SU)

Ms Susanna Ellis
Qualifications: BSocSc (Nursing), BSocSc (Nursing) (Hons) (UFS), MNursing (SU)

Ms Ilhaam Essa
Qualifications: BCur (UWC), DNE, MPhil (SU)

Ms Laetitia Fürst
Qualifications: DipNurs (Sarleh Dollie NursCol), PGDipNE, PGDipNM, MCur (SU)

Mr Ashley Kordom
Qualifications: BCur, MCur (Advanced Psychiatry) (UWC), PGDip Nursing Education (SU)

Ms Loretta le Roux
Qualifications: BCur, MCur (UWC), BCur Hons, DNE (SU)

Ms Magesh Naidoo
Qualifications: Dip GNS, Dip Midwifery, Dip CHN, MCur (UWC)

Ms Victoire Ticha
Qualifications: BCur, MCur (UWC)

Ms Lindy van der Berg
Qualifications: BCur, MCur (UWC)

Ms Janiene Abubu, BCur MCur (UWC)

Ms Jennifer Cornelissen, Dip GNS (Sarleh Dollie NursCol) Dip Midwifery (PMH) Dip ICUGSH PGDNE (SU)

Mr Sergio Hendricks, BCur MCur (UWC)

Ms Margaret Hoffman, Dip GNS (Nico Malan NursCol) Dip Midwifery (Livingstone Hospital) Cert PHC (Dora-Nginza Hospital) PGDNE (SU) MNursing

Ms Chanthelle Jaganath, BCurr (UKZN) MNursing Education (UWC)

Ms Debora Kleinsmith, BCur MCur (UWC)

Ms Charne Kordom, BCur (UWC) Dip Nursing Management Dip Clinical Nursing Science Health Assessment Treatment and Care (SU)

Ms Sedeeka Martin, BCur (Carinus NursCol) PGDip Management (CPUT) PGDip Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology (SU) Masters (Advanced Midwifery) (UWC)

Mr John Musafiri, BCur M Nursing (UWC)

Mr Thobani Noncungu, B Nursing M Nursing (UWC)

Mr Adam Petersen, Dip Nursing Science (General Psychiatric & Community) and Accoucheur (Nico Malan NursCol) Post - Basic Psychiatric Nursing Science (WCCN)

Ms Laura Tengeh, BCur M Nursing (UWC)

Ms Linda Velapi, BCur (UWC) MCur (Nursing Education) (UWC) BTech Primary Health Care (CPUT)

Mr Fritz Awa, BCur (UWC)

Ms Gaynore Davids, BCur (UWC) Dip Nursing Man Dip Primary Health Care (SU)

Ms Kathleen Davids, BCur Advanced Midwifery and Neonatology (SU)

Ms Loren Debesha, BCur (UWC)

Ms N Dubelekwele, BCur (UWC)

Ms Valarie Doughty, Dip General Nursing (Sarley Dolley Nursing College – TBH), Dip Midwifery (TBH), PGDip Nursing Education, Master’s Nursing Science (SU)

Ms Mbalenhle Goba, Cert Enrolled Nursing (Chatsmed College) Dip GNS (Netcare Education WC) BTech Occupational Health Nursing (CPUT) Dip Basic Midwifery PGDip HIV Management (SU)

Ms Zenobia Heradien, BCur (UWC) Dip Management Dip Nursing Education (SU) MNursing (UWC)

Ms Natheerah Holtman, BCur PGDip Clinical Nursing Science Health Assessment Treatment and Care PGDip Nursing Education (SU)

Mr Muhsien Jaffer, Dip Nursing (General Psychiatric & Community) and Midwifery

Ms Ivy Jodwana, Dip GNS Dip Midwifery (Charlotte Searle NursCol) Dip Community Nursing Science (RAU) Nursing Education Administration (NWU)

Ms Geraldine Jonathan, PGDip Clinical Nursing Science Health Assessment Treatment and Care (SU)

Ms Pelisa Khonco, BCur (UWC)

Ms Marlene Lategan, Dip General Nursing (R425) (Carinus NursCol) Dip Nursing Education (SU)

Mr Lulama Lolwana, BCur MNursing Advance Psychiatry (UWC)

Ms Thembisa Lumko, BCur (UWC) Dip PHC (SU)

Ms Priscilla Maku, BCur (UWC)

Ms Sumayyah Martin, BCur (UWC)

Ms Nita Mbashe, BCur (UWC)

Ms Delia Meyer, Dip Nursing (General Psychiatric & Community) and Midwifery (Nico Malan NursCol) Nursing Education (SU)

Ms Siyamthanda Mpopoma, BCur (UWC)

Ms Sheri Müller-Engelbrecht, BCur (UWC)

Ms Immaculate Ndango, BCur Masters (Advanced Midwifery) (UWC)

Ms Scholas Ndaya, BNur (UWC)

Ms Zelma Norman, Dip in Nursing (Sarleh Dollie NursCol) Post Basic Nursing Management (SU) Assessor (HWSETA)

Ms Nombulelo Nqgeza, BCur (UFH)

Ms Jeanne Nibagwire, BCur (Suma Cum Laude) MCur (Education) (Cum Laude) (UWC)

Ms Meghann Petersen, BCur (UWC) Nursing Education (SU)

Ms Wendy Rosenthal, B Nursing MSc Nursing (UCT) Nursing Education (SU)

Ms Sandra Speelman, Dip General Nursing Dip Midwifery Dip Community Nursing Management Dip Nursing Administration (CPUT)

Ms P Stuma Mgudlwa, Dip General Nursing, Dip Midwifery (SU)

Ms Beverdene Syme, BCur (UWC)

Ms Charlotte Tsetsha, Dip Nursing (General Psychiatric 7 Community) and Midwifery (WCCN)

Ms P Van Wyk, Dip General Nursing (UKZN) Dip Basic Midwifery and Primary Health Care (SU) Dip Nursing Education (SU)

Mr Khayalethu Wapo, BCur (UWC)

Ms Ncumisa Mtumtum, BNur (UWC)

Ms Thabita Stollenkamp, Dip General Nursing Community Midwifery and Psychiatry (Sarleh Dollie Nursing College) Post Grad Dip Nursing Education (SU) MCur (SU) Post Grad Dip Nursing Management (SU)

Ms M McNamara, Diploma General Nursing (Netcare Education Bcur Education and Management (UNISA) Certificate HIV/AIDS care and counselling (UNISA)

Administrative Support Staff

Mr Naven Gangen
 Dip (HR Management) (Northlink College) Bookkeeping/Trail Balance (ICB) Project Management (Kwelanga Training) Assessors Certificate (Career Network)
Position: Senior Finance & HR Officer (Acting)

Ms Maria Jansen van Vuuren
School of Nursing Administrator

Ms Nicolene Africa (neé Jooste)
Academic Administrative Officer

Ms Nicolette Johannes
 BA (Psych) BA (Hons) (Social Development) (UWC)
Position: PG Administrative Officer

Vacant Position: PGDip Administrative Officer

Mr Thandolwethu Makie
Ms Estolene Gabler-Paulse
Ms Athalia Plaatjies
Ms Sindiswa Sompani
Ms Chehaylin Boschman, BA (UWC)
Year Level Administrative Assistants/Officers

Ms Chehaylin Boschman, BA (UWC)
Ms C Isaacs
Ms E Sopayisa (neé Jordaan)
Mr Imeraan Majal
Mr Cavin Witbooi
Clinical Placement Assistants/Officers

If you need to contact a staff member, please contact Ms Janse van Vuuren on