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The Entrepreneurship Development Unit (EDU) seeks to promote and develop the management of small to medium enterprises in order to contribute to the growth of businesses and to economic development.

Target market

In pursuit of its mission, the following sectors are targeted: Small to Medium enterprises (SMEs).

SME service providers including training organisations, provincial and local government, business associations, business support centres, business units of corporate clients.


  • In pursuit of its objectives, the EDU seeks to:
  • Develop the management potential and capability of SMEs.
  • Enhance enterprise performance and competitiveness.
  • Build capacity of service providers in the SME sector and 
  • Enhance understanding and expertise of the SME sector.


Given its position in service delivery to the SME sector, the EDU focuses on three primary areas of service provision:
Education and Training:
  • Graduate programmes in enterprise management.
  • Certificate programmes and short courses in SME management.
  • Capacity building programmes.
  • Project evaluation.
  • Business management.
Applied research initiated and facilitated in the SME sector.