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Faculty of Law

History of Law Faculty

The history of the UWC Law Faculty starts with the establishment in 1960 of the University College of the Western Cape as a constituent college of the University of South Africa. A Department of Law was established in the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy in 1970, which presented the BA (law) and LLB degrees. A B.Com (law) degree was at the time presented by the Department of Commerce. In 1973, the Faculty of Commerce and Law was established. The Law Faculty became an independent faculty on 1 January 1979 when the Faculty of Commerce and Law was divided in two: the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and the Faculty of Law. The Law Faculty was first located in what is now the Education building, then in a ‘prefab’ building which burned down, and later in what is now the ‘old arts’ building. In 1992, the faculty moved to the current law building. The faculty today has approximately 2,100 students (about 250 of whom are postgraduate students) and 104 staff members, 44 of which are permanent academic appointments.

Mission, vision and values

Mission statement

The Faculty of Law is an intellectually vigorous, engaged and diverse faculty, with a vibrant culture of research, teaching and social engagement.

Vision statement

The Faculty of Law is committed to being a prominent law faculty, renowned nationally and internationally for its high quality research publications, specifically in certain niche areas, for its innovative ideas, for developing graduates within the minimum prescribed time who are committed to social justice, and are  well-qualified, workplace-ready, technologically equipped and have adaptive expertise for the 21st century, as well as for its extensive social engagement.


The core values which the faculty staff and students embrace are the pursuit of justice, ethical conduct and integrity, respect for diversity, transparency and accountability in decision-making, as well as and excellence in research and teaching.