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Legacy Fund


The UWC Legacy Fund aims to raise funds for the growth and advancement of the infrastructure at the University. This fund is intended to coincide with the institution's 100th Anniversary in 2060 or earlier if the target of R1 billion is reached.

UWC has grown in leaps and bounds, and while still offering qualifications in the traditional areas it was established to cater for, as a modern institution it needs to create facilities to offer qualifications for which jobs haven't been considered yet.

We want our Alumni to contribute to and drive this changing landscape.
Legacy Fund

The buildings and infrastructure on the various campuses of the University are showing signs of age and need to be bigger to accommodate the growing student population. Government funding of infrastructure projects has to be shared amongst all the priorities facing the fiscus and that limited pool has to support twenty-six universities. 

A recent survey on philanthropy in higher education reveals that only 6% of the total donor income is allocated to infrastructure development. Further analysis shows that funding from organisational donors is intended for bursaries and immediate use. Very little is allocated by donors for infrastructure and infrastructural growth into the future. UWC, therefore, needs to activate other means of raising funds for its infrastructure. 

The Legacy Fund is an endowment fund that seeks to collect small sums of money from many people over a long period.  


  • We aspire to raise R1 billion by 2060 when the institution turns 100, to develop infrastructure.
  • Our short-term target is to raise R200 million by 2033.

While this may seem like an insurmountable challenge, if everyone puts their minds and hearts to the call, we will achieve the target and more due to growth in the capital.

Our Alumni, our Ambassadors

Alumni contributions to higher education amount to just under 5% of all income derived from donations across all South African universities. The UWC Legacy Fund provides its alumni the opportunity to make a small yet valuable contribution to the development of teaching, learning and research infrastructure for generations to come.

American universities thrive on donations from their alumni. The Legacy Fund gives our Udubs alumni a common purpose to “pay it-forward”. Our alumni know the institution,  have lived the values and have a vested interest in the growth of their alma mater.

Our focus is on our Alumni; however we welcome donations from all our stakeholders who share our aspiration to leave something valuable for our students, staff and communities that we serve.

Our Approach

  • To reach R200 million in ten years, we need to donate as little as R50 a month, every month, which means we need to involve at least 34 000 people to donate the bare minimum. 
  • We have more than 60 000 alumni across the globe, this number can be larger if our alumni engage their personal social networks to encourage others to share in this worthy cause. 
  • International alums can donate 50 dollars or 50 pounds, making their contribution all the more greater due to the exchange rate.

We have piloted the fund and found that alumni donate between R50 and R1000 per month. Some alums have chosen to donate large annual lump sums, and some of those donating monthly have elected to increase their donations every year. 

A simple analogy is that all that is required is to sacrifice one burger per month.

Payment and use of funds

Donors may fill out paper-based debit order forms or use our secure online payment facility to complete an electronic debit order instruction. You can also contact the Director of the Department of Institutional Advancement or the Manager of Alumni Relations to make arrangements to donate a lump sum directly into the University bank account.

The income will be invested in an endowment for use after ten year intervals if needed.

Your benefit

As a registered South African taxpayer, proof of your donations will be submitted to SARS using their latest e-filing system, and you will receive an annual tax certificate for your donations to the Legacy Fund.

We may not see the benefits of what we have done in 2060. However, at least we would have left something for others.

Lets act together

Let’s pay it forward; give a little today to make a big difference tomorrow.  We have a common goal to work towards to leave a legacy for the growth of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Africa at large.

Invite your friends, relatives, classmates and fellow alumni to grow the number of givers to a worthy cause.

Let’s grow our alma mater one brick at a time.

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Should you wish to fill and sign a debit order form please click HERE.  Your completed form should be e-mailed to or

If you wish to make an EFT please use the following banking details:

Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 40-6873-9851
Branch: 632005


For more information, contact:

Niven Maree
Manager: Alumni Relations
Tel: 021 959 9790

Vera Adams
Manager: Donor Relations
Tel: 021 959 9517

Anesh Singh
Director - Department of Institutional Advancement
Tel: 021 959 3905

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