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6 September 2022
Donors, Alumnae and Staff Contribute to the Success of Women Students
“We love you, Khangi!” more than 100 women yelled and applauded less than a minute after the CEO of Swissport SA, Khangi Khoza, took the podium. Khoza, an alumna of the University of the Western Cape (UWC), was the keynote speaker at the Department of Institutional Advancement’s (IA) Women’s Day Fundraiser at Bakwena Spa in Kuils River. Money raised for the event will go to unfunded women students at the University.  
Khangi Khoza at the event

“I heard your target was R100 000, and you are sitting at about R65 000 – so consider it done. We will help you meet that,” she said to rapturous applause from UWC donors, alumni and staff who attended.
“It’s a pleasure,” she responded and flashed a broad smile. Khoza explained that UWC played a central role in where she is today – heading up a team of close to 2 000 employees in South Africa for the leading international company.
Not only did she make a generous donation to the University, she also left attendees with her mantra: “Try and remove the layers from your life that hold you back from the things you want. But at the same time, accept the fact that you are a multi-layered human being… Those are the fundamentals I have often carried wherever I have gone - understanding that if you conquer the battle inwardly, you have already conquered the world.”

IA Director, Professor Anesh Singh, honoured the memory of the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956 to protest the carrying of pass books. He explained that the event was not just a day of relaxation and pampering, it was a day for celebrating the advancement of women’s rights and to focus on the battles that still lie ahead.
“It is about celebrating your achievements, celebrating the role UWC has played in [Khoza’s] life, it's about making you aware of the challenges faced by our female students, and it’s about mobilising you to make a contribution to the lives of deserving female students,” he said.
Maresce Geduld-Jeftha, Director: Rewards Payroll and Benefits, highlighted the importance of ensuring students receive what they needed “during such a crucial time” in their academic journey. She added: “This is an absolutely fantastic event. It should be held annually to show our women of quality they are truly valued.”
Another alumna, Verna Stuurman, lauded the event and voiced her support for the institution: “We need to protect the gift that is UWC – a beacon of excellence to young ones to grow and develop into the adults we need in this country”.
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Watch the video of the event here and see the gallery below for images from the day.