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2 October 2019
Staff support Access campaign
UWC has cultivated a proud culture of social activism over the past sixty years that has always been rooted in the multiple meanings of ‘community’. Staff and students almost always found common cause, whether in relation to apartheid, academia, policy issues or the current burning issue of access to higher education.

The student-initiated Access to Success campaign is no different. Not only was it immediately endorsed by the University’s executive when mooted in 2016, but academic and non-academic staff have answered the call to support the campaign.

Since many staff members are alumni and parents of past and current students, they deeply understand the economic struggles faced by students and the personal consequences and academic risks they face if underfunded.

Echoing the views of many staff, Dr Karen Collett, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and a UWC staff donor, says, “Supporting the Access to Success campaign makes so much sense. It affords us as UWC staff an opportunity to impact the lives of our students and their future”.

The UWC Alumni Relations Office has embarked on its annual Staff Campaign to lobby staff members to donate to Access to Success. The Staff Campaign runs from 16 September until 11 October.

UWC staff can make voluntary donations via the Payroll Giving programme which is administered through the University’s HR and payroll system. In terms of the Income Tax Act, donations by staff are tax-deductible.

Staff can begin donating by contacting Ms Somayah Barnes at or 021 959 2143, or visiting our website and donating online.