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17 September 2020
UWC Faculty of Theology Alumni Reunion
As one of the first established faculties in UWC’s history, the Faculty of Theology will be commemorating its long-standing legacy with the University with a virtual reunion and plaque unveiling on 24 September 2020.

This Heritage Day, UWC will be commemorating its rich heritage with the Faculty of Theology and the legacy this faculty has left to the University reaching from its inception in the 1960s till the late 1990s.

The faculty itself was one of political enlightenment as well as a place of learning for the many students who have passed through its corridors. With the likes of Professor Daan Cloete and Dr Allan Boesak at the helm of the educational aspects, students of the time walked out not only as ordained ministers but also as enlightened scholars of theology, with a high emphasis on non-racialism and black consciousness at a time in South Africa’s history when social change was much needed.

The virtual gathering on 24 September will not just serve as a means for old scholars to revisit and congregate with each other, but also as a farewell to a bygone era, with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in honour of all those who have been educated and graduated from the faculty.

The faculty was known as a place of liberation and inspired a change in mindset under the then oppressive apartheid government.

In the words of one of the organising members of the reunion, Ds. Derrick Marco, UWC is a place of remembrance, a place where a multiplicity of identities was brought out in so many of its scholars, due to the fact that most of the Theology faculty students were “touched by politics” in a bid to understand the critical importance of South African theology.

The significance of the unveiling of the plaque is rooted in creating a place of memory for the ministers trained then as well as in remembering their significance in rolling out critical, necessary change within their communities at the time.

Register to participate in the Zoom webinar by emailing and commemorate this historical moment in UWC’s history.