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Office of the Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration

The Office of the Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration forms part of the Registrar’s portfolio at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). To this end, we adhere to the mission of UWC and the strategic drivers as identified in the Institutional Operating Plan (IOP) as it pertains to Academic Administration. Effectiveness of its adherence will be influenced by people focus, internal organisational processes, innovation, and quality and risk management, as it will influence the quality management of student academic administration information and processes. The general focus of the Office of the Deputy Registrar is information and quality management as it relates to student academic administration information and processes.

Academic Administration 

The Academic Administration Training & Development Unit (AATDU) is a division within the Office of the Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration. This Unit, established in September 2015, forms part of the Registrar's Portfolio at UWC. The general focus of this Unit is information and quality management as it relates to academic administration. 

Our vision is to be recognised for professional service excellence, regarded as knowledgeable, always supportive of issues and needs, and seen as an integral "part of the solution". 

Our goal is to support and serve the UWC community excellently by ensuring that our services are professional, student- and staff-centred, optimised by technology and complies with good governance. 

The aim of the Academic Administration Training & Development Unit is to advance academic administration and to support the Registrar's institutional strategic goals and imperatives through: 
  • Academic Administration and Student Enrolment Management System (SEMS) Internal Audits and Risk Management 
  • Academic Administration Business Process Mapping
  • Academic Administration Training and Development 
  • Agreements and Contracts Registry Management 
  • Class Timetable Coordination 
  • Qualification and Continuing Education Courses Database Management and Quality Assurance 
  • SEMS Access Management, User Support and Parameter Maintenance 
  • Student Enrolment Information Management and Process Quality Assurance 
  • University Calendars and Academic Diary Coordination and Publication 

Academic Administration, Training & Development Unit

The Academic Administration, Training & Development Unit is a division within the Office of the Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration. Among others, the Unit provides a comprehensive training programme that equips UWC administrative and support staff with the necessary skills to perform operational requirements.

We provide training for the following systems on campus: 
  1. Student Administration System Integration (SASI)
  2. Committee Management System (CMS)
  3. Student Tracking System (STS)
The training programme provides for: 
  • New and existing staff members to learn how to perform the various SASI, CMS and STS functions related to their core responsibilities.
  • Each training session equips the participant with the necessary theoretical knowledge, as well as practical demonstration on the different application platforms. 
The following staff should attend the training programme:
  • Administrative and professional staff members, including academic staff who are involved in: 
    • Student applications and selections,
    • Curriculum advising,
    • Registrations,
    • Postgraduate administration,
    • Committee management and administration,
    • Teaching and learning,
    • Lecturing, and
    • Governance.

​Systems Access

Access to the University's systems are strictly managed by the Office and adhere to the principles of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Access to our Student Administration System and other systems are limited to UWC employees only. Students and teaching assistants are not permitted to have access to any UWC information system. 

Student Administration 

We in the Department of Student Administration support the Registrar’s mission and vision by promoting and contributing to a university centred on professionalism and service excellence. At Student Administration, our goal is to become ‘invisible’, ensuring that processes happen without anyone even knowing that something is being done. The journey in realising an Administration that is ‘invisible’ is neither simple nor without its critics. However, it is a target that must constantly be aimed for. In order to achieve this level of effectiveness, we must be relevant to the changes of the 21st century and couple that with a high level of efficiency and reliability. 

To achieve these goals, it is necessary, at times, to reconsider why and how we do what we do. Student Administration, along with the Office of the Registrar, has begun such a process by re-engineering the structure of Student Administration. The new structure of Student Administration now has the International Students Services Office (ISSO), Faculty Liaison Office (FLO), Student Administration Helpdesk, and Examinations and Graduations Office (EGO). It is envisaged that this structure will allow us to function at an optimal level. Aligned with this new structure is the reviewing of our processes and refinement of these where necessary. The drive behind all our processes will be the use of the SASI system to its full capacity.

Student Administration includes the following functions:
  1. Examination and Graduation Office
  2. Faculty Liaison Office
  3. International Students Services Office
  4. Student Administration Helpdesk
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UWC Contact Centre 

The University of the Western Cape runs a fully functional Contact Centre with trained, professional agents who are equipped to deal with all student-related queries. The Centre offers students and related role players a client-orientated service through a single point of contact, providing improved efficiency and facilitating detailed measurement and planning.
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Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration

Dr Ahmed Shaikjee

Office Administrator - Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration

Mr Nathan Titus

Manager - Academic Administration Training and Development Unit

Ms Sanchia van Staden

Manager - Contact Centre

Ms Sandra Solomon

Examinations and Graduations Office

Ms Lynn Poonah - Coordinator

Helpdesk and Student Support

Mr Jerome Simmery - Coordinator

International Student Services Office

Mr Khwezi Bonani - Coordinator

Liaison Office

Mr Riaan Niekerk - Coordinator