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The Donor Relations Office is a support unit based in the Department for Institutional Advancement. It is focused on building strong, long lasting and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, collaborations and networks with current and prospective donors with the aim to raise funds to support the university in delivering on its core goal areas. 

The main benefactors of the department’s fundraising efforts are UWC students. Funds raised through campaigns, initiatives, projects and events are utilised for student bursaries or scholarships, to provide nutrition support, the refurbishment and development of infrastructure such as student housing, student study support in the form of tutors, and leadership development, amongst others. Students are also able to access internship opportunities thanks to relationships that our office cultivates with the corporate sector.


The Donor Relations Office consists of a small team of dedicated staff who are committed to delivering a professional consulting service to faculties, academic departments, research chairs, centres and units in order to increase third stream income for the university. The team remains abreast of the latest trends in fundraising, stewardship and philanthropy within the higher education sector in order to, amongst others, guide faculties, departments and units on issues concerning donor engagement; provide fundraising advice and input on fundraising methods; advise on queries with regards to tax incentives; and provide input on donor proposals compiled by university staff.

Essentially, we provide support from initiation to implementation, acting as a link between the grant-maker and grant recipient and fostering strong relationships with both our internal and external stakeholders to do so. The office also oversees the monitoring and tracking of donations.