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UWC Crest

The University of the Western Cape's crest was developed in 1963 - three years after its founding - by a group of academic staff and students.

The university's name is used alongside the crest. This combination serves as the visual identifier for the university. The following elements individually represent a specific meaning:


The Protea is the national flower of South Africa and is found in great abundance and variety in the Western Cape – the home of the university. The three Proteas symbolise Teaching, Culture and Education.

Laurel Leaves

The laurel leaves indicate competition and victory. The blue background represents brightness in our endeavour as an institution to obtain international insight, and the gold represents the earth in which our achievements are anchored.

Greek Temple

The Greek Temple is the international symbol for academia and signifies our recognition that we are part of it.


Respice Prospice means to look back, to look forward -  to take what is worthy from the past and build the future.