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  • Applications for 2023 have now closed. Please see the available programmes to apply for in the list below. All available programmes will be open until 31 October 2022. Please note this closing date is subject to change and applicants should apply immediately to avoid disappointment due to changes in the closing date/s.

BA Honours (Part-Time)                                      
BA Honours (Full-Time)                                      
MA (Creative Writing)                                       
MA (Structured)                                             
Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies     
MLIS Library and Information Studies                        
MLIS (Structured)                                           
MTh (Structured)                                            
MPhil Theology (Structured)                                 
MPhil Theology (By Thesis)                                  

Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Development and Peace  
Postgraduate Diploma Interprofessional Education and Health 
MSc Occupational Therapy                                    
Master of Philosophy Sport for Development   
MA Biokinetics                                              
MSc Biokinetics                                             
MSc Nutrition            
Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Studies   

Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting                          
Advanced Diploma in Public Administration                   
Advanced Diploma in Public Administration (F)               
Postgraduate Diploma in Land and Agrarian Studies           
Postgraduate Diploma in E-Skills                            
BCom (Hons)                                                 
Bachelor of Arts Honours (FT)                               
Bachelor of Arts Honours (PT)                               
Bachelor of Honours in Development Studies                  
BCom (Hons) Human Resources                                 
BAdmin (Hons)                                               
MCom (Thesis)                                               
MAdmin (Thesis)                                             
MAdmin (Structured)                                         
Master  of  Development Studies                             
MPhil Land and Agrarian Studies                             
Master of Arts (Full Thesis)                                
Master of Arts ( Structured)                                
MCom (Structured)                                           
Post Doctoral Research Fellow                               

BEd Acc(FET) & EMS & Maths(SP)       
BEd MLIT(FET) &  Maths & Nat Sciences(SP)                   
Post Graduate Diploma: H.E. Studies (T&L)  

Advanced Diploma in Labour Law                              
Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Law                          
Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law                          
LLM (Structured)    
LLM (By Thesis)
MPhil (Structured)                                          

Occasional - Non Degree                                     
MSc Physical Science                                        
MSc Nanoscience                                             
MSc Compt Finance                                           
Study Abroad                                                
Research Affiliate                                          
Exchange Student                                            
Affiliated Student                                          
MSc Pharmaceutical Science                                  
MSc Biotechnology                                           
BSc (Hons) Biotechnology                                    
BSc (Hons) Applied Geology                                  
BSc (Hons) Physical Science                                 
BSc (Hons) Medical Bioscience                               
BSc (Hons) Biodiversity & Conservation Biology              
BSc (Hons) Chemistry                                        
BSc (Hons) Computer Science                                 
BSc (Hons) Mathematical Science                             
BSc (Hons) Statistical Science                              
BSc (Hons) Population Studies                               
MSc Medical Bioscience                                      
MSc Chemical Science                                        
MSc Biodiversity & Conservation Biology                     
MSc Statistical Science                                     
MSc Computer Science                                        
MSc Mathematical Science                                    
Master of Clinical Pharmacy                                 
MSc Pharmacy Administration                                 
MSc Applied Geology                                         
MSc Bioinformatics                                          
Post Doctoral Research Fellow                               
MPhil Population Studies                                    


Getting you from where you are to where you want to be

CLICK HERE for admission and programme information (undergraduate degree programmes)


  • Applicants must have a valid email address in order to apply online. All communication from the University in regards to your application will be sent via email. Should you not have a valid email address you can create an email account using Gmail, Yahoo Mail or any other email provider you may prefer.
  • If you are a person with a disability, please ensure that you have completed that section fully in the online form to allow us to make contact with you regarding your support needs. Should you have any queries related to disability support at the University contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at or at +27 21 959 4170.
  • Applicants who have applied for study at UWC and who then wish to apply for UWC RESIDENCE must  apply online, click here to apply for UWC Residence.
    Click Here for the Residence application Guide. Residence placement is limited and not all applicants can be accommodated. Selection will only be done from those applicants who are made offers of study by the University based on placement criteria and availability of space (not all applicants who have been made an offer to study can be accommodated). For any residence enquiries you can contact +27 21 959 2569 or

All applicants must apply ONLINE, click here to apply.
Applicants wishing to apply for UWC RESIDENCE must also apply online, click here to apply for UWC Residence.
Click Here for the Residence application Guide.

There is NO application fee to apply.
In order for your application to be considered COMPLETE you must successfully complete the online application form as well as submit all required documentation. 
You will be emailed a confirmation letter once you have completed the online application (within 24-48 hours), with further instructions on the submission of required documentation (click here to submit documents).
Applicants can check the status of their application by clicking here and going to 'Application Status'.

Applications close on 30 September 2022, all required documents must be submitted by this date as well.
Applications for Bachelor of Dentistry and Oral Health as well as School of Government postgraduate degrees close on 31 August 2022.

Applications for BA Honours Sport Recreation and Exercise Science, BA Honours in Biokinetics and BSC Honours Biokinetics close on 31 July 2022.
PLEASE NOTE: The Department of Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science has a departmental selection process for Post Graduate Applications.

1. You are required to complete 3 referee reports, available from Mrs D Bowers, on
2. You are required to complete a departmental questionnaire link below, where all questions must be answered, a video (outlining why we should choose you, what your research topic/interest is, which is limited to 5 minutes) is required to be uploaded, as well as uploading your 3 referee reports.

Applicants currently in grade 12 and applying for admission will receive a final outcome when final results are published in 2023.
All other applicants will receive an outcome by end November 2022. Those that are still awaiting final results for 2022 will receive final outcomes in January 2023.

Applicants will be notified of an outcome via email or they can check the status of their application by clicking here and going to 'Application Status'.

Please note the following programmes will NOT be offered in 2023 for first time entering students:
Bachelor of Science in Complementary Health Sciences (General Stream)
Bachelor of Science in Complementary Health Sciences (Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Stream)


What is meant by undergraduate?
An undergraduate is an applicant/student at a university or college who is studying for his or her first degree.

Applicants who are currently in Grade 12, improving their results for Grade 12 written in previous years (post-matrics), transferring applicants and any applicant that has not completed a first degree must apply as an UNDERGRADUATE APPLICANT.

- Browse our academic programmes (click here) to see what programmes we offer, or visit our faculty pages on our website - type in what you would like to study and download the programme information.

- Entry requirements are the minimum academic standards that the University requires in order to consider you for entry into one of our degree programmes. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee you a place to study. Competition for most of our degrees is high and demand for places generally exceeds the number of places available. Final selection is made subject to the availability of places, academic results and other entry requirements where applicable. CLICK HERE FOR GENERAL ADMISSIONS CRITERIA

When applying, the application system will also indicate if you meet the minimum requirements for a programme or not based on the results you have entered. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a programme and are still awaiting final results you may continue to select the programme. A decision will only be made on your final results. Please note that meeting the minimum is also not a guarantee of selection or entry into a programme.

- Complete the online application form (click here) and submit all required documents (click here)


Changed your mind about your choice of study? 
Do not submit a new application
Check with the Contact Centre (+27 21 959 3900/01 or if you may change your programme choice
Should your contact details change please contact the UWC Contact Centre (+27 21 959 3900/01 or and update your details

What is meant by postgraduate?
A postgraduate is a student who has successfully completed an undergraduate degree level course at a college or university and is undertaking further study at a more advanced level.


Postgraduate applicants are reminded to complete the online application form and submit all required documents by no later than 30 September 2022 (30 August 2022 for School of Government postgraduate degrees). You may apply for up to 2 choices. Applicants who do not submit required documents will be viewed as having an incomplete application and will not be considered for selection purposes. The University will not be held responsible for such incomplete applications.

CLICK HERE to SUBMIT DOCUMENTS (no emailed documents will be accepted)

The International Student Services Office (ISSO) offers dedicated student administration to support international students at various stages of their education at UWC.

International applicants include all persons whose nationality is from abroad (out of Africa), from the SADAC countries (within Africa), refugees, Section 24 asylum permit holders, and any other person not in possession of a South African citizen identity document.

Click here for more information 

Contact Details
Mr Khwezi Bonani
Coordinator: International Student Services Office
Tel: +27 21 959 2763

Ms Sedicka Cassiem
International Student Services Officer

Tel: +27 21 959 2115

A student, who is currently registered and wants to transfer to a different faculty in the following year, must complete an online application. Please refer to Rule A.3.1.17 “Change of study programme” (click here for link to the General Calendar 2022).

Applications for transfer in 2023 close on 30 September 2022.

If you are applying from another institution of higher learning you need to submit the following:
Certified copy of your NSC Certificate or Senior Certificate
Certified copy of your Identification document
Certified Certificate of good conduct from your current / previous institution
Certified Official Academic Transcript
Module content / Yearbook descriptor from your institution for all modules completed
Certified Degree certificate (if applicable)

A student who has officially terminated his/her studies or had a break in his/her studies of one year or more must apply for re-admission.

The closing date for re-admission applications for 2023 is 30 September 2022.

The Council, with the approval of the Senate of this University, may determine minimum criteria for students to continue with their studies. Such criteria may differ from faculty to faculty and from academic department to academic department in accordance with the demands of specific programmes. Unless Council, with the approval of Senate, specifically decides otherwise, the approved faculty rules for particular degrees, diplomas or certificates with regard to renewal of registration, shall apply (see the Faculty Calendars or the University website for more information). Faculties are authorised by Council to take final decisions regarding re- admissions. Senate will oversee the management of re-admissions by faculties on behalf of Council and shall peruse re-admission reports from faculties on an annual basis.

CLICK HERE  to check your application status and ACCEPT or DECLINE if an offer has been made within 3 days. Application statuses are updated in real-time on the portal.

Pending or Awaiting Final Decision
Your application is being assessed by the faculty concerned and you will be notified of any change. The moment a decision is made your status will be updated. 

Offer Pending
An offer to study has been made to you, please accept this offer by clicking on the STUDY OFFER tab accessible via  

Offer Accepted
You have accepted your offer to study at UWC.  

Offer Declined
You have turned down or declined your offer to study at UWC.  

Offer Expired
You have not accepted your offer within the required period and your offer has been withdrawn. Please contact the University (+27 21 959 3900/01 or for further assistance.  

Min Req NOT Met/Declined
Your application has been unsuccessful. You have been declined due to competition for space OR you have not met the minimum requirements for the programme. If you have met the minimum requirements and see this status it then means you have been DECLINED (application unsuccessful) due to competition for space.  

Min Req Met
You have met the minimum admission requirements for possible selection (this does not guarantee entry into any programme or that an offer to study will be made). A final decision must still be made.  

Min Req NOT Met
You have not met the minimum admission requirements for the programme and cannot be considered for admission.

For admission to degree and diploma programmes UWC uses a weighted system for calculating points. In order to be admitted to degree studies the candidate should have attained a minimum number of points. Please refer to each faculty’s admission requirements, available here, to determine the number of points required for the desired programme.

In addition to point score requirements mentioned above, specific programme admission requirements are also listed. These additional criteria must be met to qualify for admission to particular study programmes.

Note: The table below indicates how points are allocated.

Level Percentage Points for English Points for Maths or Maths lit Points for Life Orientation Points for each other subject
8 (UWC Level) 90-100% 15 15 3 8
7 80-89% 13 13 3 7
6 70-79% 11 11 2 6
5 60-69% 9 9 2 5
4 50-59% 7 7 2 4
3 40-49% 5 5 1 3
2 30-39% 3 3 1 2
1 20-29% 1 1 1 1
  less than 20% 0 0 0 0


Please note that the number of applicants usually far exceeds the number of spaces available in various programmes. As a result offers are based on merit and availability of space, not all applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements for their programme/s of choice, can be made an offer to study. Make sure you have applied to more that one institution and type of tertiary education institution.

Changed your mind about your choice of study? 
Do not submit a new application
Check with the Contact Centre (+27 21 959 3900/01 or if you may change your programme choice
Should your contact details change please contact the UWC Contact Centre (+27 21 959 3900/01 or and update your details.

UWC Contact Centre
Tel: +27 21 959 3900/01
Webchat: click here
Office Hours: 09h00-16h00 (Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays)