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International student registration

Important Message Regarding 2022 Pre-Registration Clearance Process

Congratulations on your University of the Western Cape study offer.

For your convenience, the pre-registration clearance for international students is now done completely online.
CLICK HERE to complete the form and upload the requisite documents.
  • By law, all international students intending to travel to the Republic of South Africa for the purposes of studying (whether remotely or face to face) are required to apply for a valid study permit as well as a medical cover from a South African registered Medical Aid Scheme.
  • All international students that will participate in remote studies (online) outside of the Republic of South Africa are not required to produce a study permit and proof of medical cover prior to their registration. You must however still complete the pre-registration clearance form and upload your passport bio page and an affidavit confirming that you will be studying remotely outside of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Medical Aid schemes such as Momentum, Ingwe Health and Discovery Health are commonly used by our international students. Our medical aid agent for Momentum is Mr Brenston de Bruyn and he may be contacted on All international students who are physically in South Africa must remain in possession of a valid SA medical aid. Asylum Seekers, Refugees, Permanent Resident holders and Post-Doctoral Researchers are exempted from the medical aid cover requirement. It is however recommended that they obtain it.
  • International students who have already applied for their study permits and are in possession of the VFS receipts, but still awaiting the finalisation of their application may still upload their VFS receipts for their pre-registration clearance.
  • Please note that upon completion of your immigration pre-registration clearance, you will need to also complete your fee clearance through student credit management (
Please see the following page for detailed information on 2022 registration and pre-registration processes, remembering the special concessions on point 2 & 3 above: study/academic-administration/registration.

Pre-Registration Clearance 

By now you have received your Final Acceptance Letter from UWC and have confirmed your acceptance of this offer. You may now begin Pre-registration procedures before Online Registration or physically visit UWC for Assisted Registration.

Pre-registration Clearance Requirements

Supply proof of Exemption Status from USAf in the case of undergraduate Registration or an Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications Certificate from SAQA in the case of Postgraduate Registration to

For more information please visit the evaluation page.

Supply proof of the appropriate Immigration Documentation in order to study in South Africa to

For more information please visit the immigration page.


Supply proof of Medical Cover from the date of Registration to the official End of the Academic Year (December) to:

According to the immigrations Act No. 13 of 2002 as Amended and its Regulations, Internationals who wish to apply for a study VISA, in order to embark on as an academic programme in South Africa, are required to provide "proof of medical cover renewed annually for the period of study with a registered medical scheme registered in  terms of the Medical Schemes Act".

In an attempt to comply with this legislation, the University of the Western Cape will under no circumstances grant pre-registration clearance without meeting the following requirements:
  • Prospective student are to supply a membership certificate as proof of Medical Cover from a South African Medical  Scheme as contemplated in the Medical Schemes Act No. 13 of 1998
  • See SA MEDICAL AID SCHEMES for a list of approved Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa
  • Medical Cover from the date of Registration to 31 December of the Academic Year
Please make sure that sufficient financial resources are available to meet this requirement since a student without the requisite Medical Cover will not receive clearance to register.
While certain immigration categories do not require Medical Cover for pre-registration clearance, it is still highly recommended.

The following Medical Aid Schemes have weekly consultation hours on the UWC Campus:

Compare and contact these Medical Aid Schemes by downloading the following document.
For additional assistance with selecting and applying for the appropriate Medical Cover, contact the UWC International Student Services Office Medical Aid Scheme Consultant.

Mr Brenston de Bruyn
Phone: +27 21 424 9452
Cell: +27 78 366 7900
Fax: +27 86 750 0234

Request Proforma invoice of fees from:

Phone: +27 21 959 2154

Make the required payment using the following banking details with your Student Number, Initial and Surname as reference:

Account Name: University of the Western Cape
Institution: ABSA Bank
Account Number: 40 4960 4740
Branch Code: 632005, Public Sector Western Cape
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Email proof of the deposit slips to the Finance Department with your Student Number, Initials and Surname as reference to


Should you experience any difficulty in uploading your documentation, please submit these to
Please include your Application Number and Full Names in the email as reference.  

Please call our UWC Contact Centre should you need to contact us with respect to you application on: 
Tel: +27 21 959 3900/1/2/3 


After completing the pre-registration clearance processes and you have received confirmation that there are no clearance issues outstanding, you may proceed to register in one of the following ways: