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International student registration


Pre-Registration Clearance 

By now you have received your Final Acceptance Letter from UWC and have confirmed your acceptance of this offer. You may now begin Pre-registration procedures before your academic Registration.

By law, all international students intending to travel to the Republic of South Africa for the purposes of studying (whether remotely or face to face) are required to apply for a valid study (or any other relevant) permit as well as a medical cover from a South African registered Medical Aid Scheme. International students that will participate in remote studies (online) outside of the Republic of South Africa are not required to produce a study permit and proof of medical cover prior to their registration. They must however still complete the pre-registration clearance form and upload passport bio page and an affidavit/proof from supervisor or faculty confirming that you will be studying remotely outside of the Republic of South Africa.

Pre-registration Clearance Requirements

Upload proof of Exemption Status from USAf in the case of undergraduate Registration or an Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications Certificate from SAQA in the case of Postgraduate Registration. USAf exemption clearance requests should be emailed to Shirese Spannenberg: or Tenille Williams:
For more information please visit International Student Applications page.

Immigration pre-registration clearance is completed online by uploading your passport bio page, valid permit and a South African Medical Aid cover. International students that will participate in remote studies (online) must only upload passport bio page and an affidavit/proof from supervisor or faculty confirming that they will be studying remotely outside of the Republic of South Africa.    

For more information please visit the immigration page.

According to the immigrations Act No. 13 of 2002 as Amended and its Regulations, international students with study permits are required to provide proof of medical cover for each academic year. The medical cover must be for the duration of the academic year, renewed annually for each registration.   

Please ensure that sufficient financial resources are available to meet this requirement. UWC is at no liberty to waiver this requirement and will therefore not register a student without the requisite Medical Cover.
While certain immigration categories do not require Medical Cover for pre-registration clearance, it is still highly recommended.

The following Medical Aid Schemes are popular amongst the UWC Campus:

See the full list of South African Medical Aid Schemes. For additional assistance with selecting and applying for the appropriate Medical Cover, contact the UWC International Student Services Office Medical Aid Scheme Broker:

Mr Brenston de Bruyn
Phone: +27 21 424 9452
Cell: +27 78 366 7900
Fax: +27 86 750 0234

International students are required to pay their full fees upfront prior to registration. Request your proforma invoice of fees from:

Phone: +27 21 959 2154

Make the required payment using the following banking details with your Student Number, Initial and Surname as reference:

Account Name: University of the Western Cape
Institution: ABSA Bank
Account Number: 40 4960 4740
Branch Code: 632005, Public Sector Western Cape
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Email proof of the deposit slips to the Finance Department with your Student Number, Initials and Surname as reference to

Request your fee clearance through the UWC Student Credit Management Portal.
Please note that all fee clearance related matters are handled by the student credit management office through their portal. Should you wish to liaise with them directly please email: The International Student Services Office plays no role in fee related matters.

After completing the pre-registration clearance processes and you have received confirmation that there are no clearance issues outstanding, you may proceed to register. Visit the UWC Registration Information Page for detailed guidance.

Please call our UWC Contact Centre should you need to contact us with respect to your application on: 
Tel: +27 21 959 3900/1/2/3