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South African Education and Training System

The South African education and training system is built with GET, FET and HET at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels respectively. Each successive NQF level is dependent on the previous NQF level of acquired knowledge, skills and competence. Each RPL applicant needs to identify or track where one is in the education pathway or NQF ladder. This is important in understanding what the options are for upgrading one’s education, skills and knowledge and guiding one in the process of attaining higher levels of qualifications. For more information please read the White Paper for Post-school education and training

Career Guidance

It is essential to know what you want to study and why? Having a key understanding of what drives you, where your passion, talent and interests lays are extremely important aspects in building a foundation for success. For more information and guidance, please check out Pace career assessment website:

PATHWAY TO SUCCESS: What makes you University Ready? Upgrading your skills and knowledge base on the Higher education and training level is a huge decision. Often this journey is exciting and daunting at the same time. One needs to be prepared financially, committed and self-motivated. Key factors in succeeding is hard work, focus, thirst for knowledge, determination and responsibility. University level education and training is largely focused on text-based practices. Are you reading, writing and thinking at the level required for learning in an academic context? Each student will need to develop critical time management and planning skills which is goal driven towards achievable milestones for each level of study. Each student must develop and sustain the ability to want to learn more, do more, and build additional knowledge and skills. It is critical to know the support systems at UWC. What support is available and how can one benefit from this support.

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