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Undergraduate Admission

The UWC is committed to providing access to students who have the potential to succeed.
The University does not compromise on the standards of excellence required to obtain certificates, diplomas or degrees.  

A flexible admission system and equitable selection procedures are used to ensure that students from all sectors of the community have a fair chance for gaining access to tertiary studies.
In order to study at the University of the Western Cape candidates need to meet the following criteria:
  • The National Senior Certificate (NSC) required for Degree, Diploma or Higher Certificate study, as appropriate
  • A minimum number of points calculated on the university's points system
  • A pass at the required level in each of the subjects specified for the programme into which the candidate seeks admission
Where there is competition for places in any particular programme (i.e. where the number of qualified candidates exceeds the number of available places) student selection will take place on the basis of criteria that have been determined by faculty selection committees.