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Student Development & Support Services Committee


The purpose of the Committee is to play an oversight role, monitor and provide advice on policy development and implementation as well as on interventions to promote a safe and intellectually stimulating, holistic learning environment that encourages student engagement and satisfaction, personal development and academic success.

Policies and Annual Programmes

In order to provide an objective oversight role, the Committee shall:
  • Advise Council and Senate on broader strategic matters that impact on holistic student life experience.
  • Recommend and take action on specific areas pertaining to student life experience within the purview of the Committee.
  • Monitor and provide advice on policy development, implementation and reviews.
  • Ensure a safe and intellectually stimulating, holistic learning environment.
  • Receive, consider and take appropriate actions on issues brought to its attention on matters relating to, and of special importance to, students of the University.
  • Monitor the various Sub-Committees and see to it that they carry out their respective duties and functions.
  • Set the priority based themes and mandate each cluster to develop a schedule of annual programme plan and implementation targets, scenario planning and reporting.
  • Develop an integration template to support the delivery of cross cutting priorities.


Mr Max Hobyani

Committee Officer
Tel: 021 959 2956
Tel: 021 959 2727
Tel: 021 959 3443