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About UWC Sport


To become leaders in student development through sport.


Our mission is:
  • To bring students together, and to coordinate their sport experience supporting their
  • holistic development.
  • To implement a system for the improvement of sport performance standards.
  • To make a meaningful contribution towards the strategic priorities of the University.


Our values are:
To provide quality services, resources and standards at all levels.
Athlete Focus: To ensure that our Athlete Support Programme supports holistic
Ethics: Underpinned by the Code of Conduct of the University and ensuring fair play, respect
of the rules and participation free of drugs and illegal substances.
Transparency: To be open, honest and accountable in all undertakings.
Respect: To build a culture of team spirit, sharing and commitment.
Professionalism: Being proactive, and creative in finding new solutions. Carry out duties
with responsibility, diligence, commitment and passion.


Academic objectives contributing towards:
  • Holistic student development - out of classroom/co-curricular activities
  • An integrated campus community - building social cohesion.
  • Supporting the University’s mission as an engaged institution.
Business objectives contributing towards:
  • Meeting the attrition / academic excellence requirements.
  • Building the University’s profile.
  • Establish and maintain partnerships to facilitate a shared-resource philosophy.
  • Building Alumni Relations.