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Co-curricular Record is a platform designed to recognise UWC students’ active participation in various co-curricular activities as part of their holistic student life experience.

This platform enables students to apply for official recognition of their co-curricular involvement and successes, which include experiential learning, transfer of skills and inhabiting certain attributes that facilitate their development and growth. These attributes are intended to prepare students as critical and responsible citizens, contributing to the social and economic wellbeing of students on campus and broader focus on society. The focus of the co-curricular involvement goes beyond attending a workshop or training programme, but places an emphasis on demonstrable skills and attributes that have been acquired to competently undertake and fulfil given tasks or assignments.

The Co-curricular application becomes a record once the successful applicants are approved by the adjudication panel and they become eligible for an Official University Co-Curricular Certificate or Record.

At this stage, the Co-curricular recognition is focusing on campus-based programmes and projects, alongside other meritorious and academic achievements. In case you think you are missing out, in preparation for the growth of the platform, the programme team has already established a process for the inclusion of other student involvement and experience activities, programmes and projects.

Please note that the applicant is allowed only 500 characters when filling each application per category. Each category contains criteria that are applicable which an applicant should be familiar with. Please ensure that you fill in the relevant information and where evidence is needed, you are required to include clear and verifiable submission in the designated mandatory spaces. Provide the correct details of the contact person or referee. A reference report by a relevant UWC staff member (referee) is a requirement for each application.


Please use the following email address when applying: If you wish to make telephonic enquiries about the Record or your application, the following telephone numbers are provided for your convenience: 021 959 3496/2961/4124/2436/2548 when staff members are back on campus. For now, please use the following email addresses for enquiries as the majority of staff members are working from home: and

After submitting your application, the Co-curricular Record (CCR) Validator will verify your application to ensure that it meets the set criteria. No incomplete application will be processed. The complete application will be forwarded to the Adjudication Panel for a recommendation and then to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support and the Registrar for approval. A formal communication will be sent to the successful applicant.

The successful applicant may request a copy of the Co-curricular Record on a UWC Letterhead from the Student Affairs desk in the Administration building.

If an application is not successful, she/he may appeal the decision to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: SDS and the Registrar. All appeals must have a clear and strong motivation and be forwarded to the following email address: