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27 October 2022
Apply now: Kovacs UWC Student Village - Private Accommodation on the UWC Campus
Dear Prospective Students
Exciting Times! So you have applied for an academic programme at UWC for 2023 and may require accommodation. Kovacs UWC Student Village in partnership with the University of the Western Cape (UWC), has established privately managed student housing. Kovacs is situated on campus and has a suitable nurturing space and dependable services.

A limited amount of fully furnished rooms are available in a modernised secure precinct, within close walking distance to lecture venues. You are free to choose a single room with an en-suite or a communal bathroom. 
Students may choose between single or double rooms and will reside in a supportive, well-maintained and secure environment. Living on the campus saves time, and the expense and bother of public transport and commuting back and forth. Students quickly gain the benefit of focusing on their studies, settling into campus life and approaching activities and examinations with a reassuring rhythm.
Due to the high demand for student accommodation, Kovacs is encouraging you to apply without delay. When applying to Kovacs, a separate on-line application is required to that of the UWC Residence. Please complete the application form online at You may call us should you require any assistance or email There is no closing date as yet.
NSFAS bursary applicants should note that NSFAS approval is only granted later in the first semester. To secure the room, applicants should therefore follow the Kovacs payment structure (details available on our website) and consult with the Kovacs Accounts Department once NSFAS funding is approved.
Please Note: Application for Residence does not confirm admission to UWC. Only correspondence received from UWC will confirm academic acceptance. 
Note this is a marketing communication and does not guarantee accommodation.
Good luck with your application!
Kind Regards
Kovacs UWC Student Village
Tel: +27 (0)21 959 9500