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18 January 2023
Dr Matete Madiba appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support
Council, on the advice of Senate and the Institutional Forum, has confirmed the appointment of Prof Matete Madiba as Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support. Her appointment is effective 1 February 2023.

Prof Madiba is currently the Director of Student Affairs at the University of Pretoria (UP), a position she has held since 2012.
With a career in education that spans more than two decades, UWC will significantly benefit from Prof Madiba’s expertise and experience in diverse areas such as student affairs, technology enhancement projects, institutional transformation and curriculum development. This will enable her to engage with the needs and development of our students in a holistic manner. 


Prof Madiba, who gained her PhD from UWC in 2009 in Information Systems, has worked in the education sector since 1988.

As Director of Student Affairs at the University of Pretoria, Prof Madiba has extensive experience engaging and working with student communities and using innovative technology to support her engagements. This is evident in her successful implementation of e-voting and online elections for Student Representative Councils and development of a mental health chatbot to complement other mental health programmes.

Prof Madiba has illustrated her leadership abilities throughout her career through her participation in both national and international forums, such as serving on the executive committee of the South African Association of Senior Student Affairs Practitioners and coordinating the Student Affairs sub-cluster as part of the African Union’s CESA (Continental Education Strategy for Africa). She also chaired the UP Institutional Transformation Committee and served on the Curriculum Transformation, facilitating the development of the University’s Curriculum Transformation Framework. She also leads the UP GirlsforGirls (G4G) project, an international project aimed at mentoring young women to close the gender gap in and outside academia and contribute towards gender equity.