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8 March 2023
UWC Show Support for the Rugby Team
The UWC community was understandably devastated when its rugby team was relegated from the FNB Varsity Cup to the FNB Varsity Shield last year. 

On Monday, students and staff turned up in their numbers to demonstrate their unwavering support to the team during the Varsity Shield campus launch. The launch came as the team strengthened their grip on the tournament, having won their first three opening games.
This Thursday, UWC will play their first home game against high-rising Walter Sisulu University. Kick-off is at 17h00, and the game will be televised live on SuperSport.
Captain Tasriq Mynhardt

“As the UWC community, we want to be on the winning side,” Prof Matete Madiba, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Development and Support, told the team. “Please make us proud; we are counting on you. Because of you, we can raise the UWC flag very high”.
Having joined UWC last month, Prof Madiba said one thing that has become clear to her is that UWC is a place where champions are made. “I’m so envious of these sportsmen because I know it takes a lot of discipline and excellent time management, and you need to be goal-oriented to do what they are doing. I just want to wish them well”.
UWC captain Tasriq Mynhardt believes playing in the Varsity Cup has prepared UWC well for the Shield. “Our goal is to win the Varsity Shield and earn promotion back to the Cup next year. We want to create hope for the UWC community who come from different backgrounds, and we want to inspire young children's lives,” said Mynhardt. 
He said although the team had lost several big-name players - the new team members have brought a different flow and energy to the team. They are “gelling well”, as the results can attest.
Coach Paul Treu echoed his captain’s sentiments and said UWC had to introduce 17 new players in the last three games, “which is tough because normally when you have lost so many players, you struggle to find your feet to get back up”. 
But, according to Treu, that has become a norm as, on average, the team loses about 15 players every year, and they have learned how to deal with introducing new players to the squad. “I must commend the players because although they are young and new -  they are committed to getting us back to the Varsity Cup. The support from the University ensures we leave no stone unturned to get back into the Varsity Cup.
“The guys are showing discipline and a good team spirit, and we are building an excellent culture of family and togetherness because UWC is all about community. We are trying to align our goals with that of the University and to give back to our communities. Positive role models are needed in our society -  people whom the little ones can aspire to.
“And we know the role we play in achieving those goals is by giving our best on the field. Players know their responsibility, and we are happy with the results so far. Every game is a new start. Ultimately, we would like to finish at the top of the log and get an automatic promotion”.

For more images of the FNB Varsity Shield launch, taken by UWC Media team, view the gallery below: