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16 May 2017
Student Development and Support Open Day 2017

SDS Day 2017: Getting To Know Your Campus Support

UWC’s Student Development and Support Division was proud to host its first Annual SDS Day on 16 May 2017, under the theme “Getting to know your Campus Support”.

The event gave all UWC students an opportunity to interact with the six SDS Departments - the Office for Student Development, Financial Aid Office, Residential Services, Centre for Student Support Services, Campus health and Wellness Centre and Sport Administration - and familiarize themselves with all kinds of support and development initiatives available on campus.

“SDS Day presents an opportunity to be able to link the Co-Curricular Record together with the services and support programmes that are offered by the University to students,” noted Ncedikaya Magopeni, the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Development and Support, Professor Pamela Dube.

The Co-Curricular Record, launched last year, allows for a more holistic - and official - take on student development and experience at UWC. It provides students with an exciting and educational record of their holistic learning and developmental experiences at UWC - and since it’s on an official UWC letterhead, it will give UWC graduates an advantage when pursuing employment opportunities, bursaries and scholarships.

Prof. Dube highlighted the fact that this SDS Day comes at just the right time - when students are preparing for their June examinations, and need all the help they can get to succeed at their many endeavours.

“The SDS Departments play a vital role in up-skilling students for readiness for their academic performance, and SDS day serves to remind them about the various support services including health and wellness, therapeutic and counselling services that are available to them during these stressful times” Prof. Dube said.

The SDS Day event targeted all students, whether residing on-campus or off-campus, and comes after the realisation that many students - especially first-year students, do not seem to be always aware of the basic free support programmes that are available to them.

“SDS Day was conceptualised after we realised at the launch of the Co-Curricular Record in 2016 that numerous students seemed to not know much about SDS departments,” added the SDS Projects Coordinator, Mr Lulamile Mntumni, “and particularly what they are about and what essential support services they have on offer for students.”

SDS is mindful that off-campus students often feel disadvantaged because of the sense that students based at the University residences tend to benefit from more support programmes than they do and continues to look at innovative ways to address this.

The SDS Division also ran several competitions during the course of the day, giving students the chance to win some prizes while learning about SDS.

A R1 000 book voucher prize went to first-year Physiotherapy student Hulisani Godzwana - who plans to use it to buy a Psychology book that he’s had his eye on for his studies, and a few more interesting books. And the grand prize of the day - a brand new tablet - was carried off by first year BAdmin student Sinazo Balisa - who will definitely be putting it to good use.

The day ended appropriately with fun activities, with students from various departments demonstrating their talents through singing, dancing, poetry, etc.