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Student Representative Council


  • An activism-driven SRC that drives a vibrant and inclusive student community striving towards a decolonised curriculum and academic and research excellence.


  • Reviving Student Activism.
  • Advancing the struggles of students as per the mandate of the SRC envisaged in the SRC Constitution and Institutional Statute.
  • Advancing for the development of a curriculum that is relevant to the African Child and gives UWC students a unique and valuable contribution to the labour market and society.
  • Promoting student success and striving for developmental and innovative research output.

The Functions of the SRC

Students are represented by the Students’ Representative Council, in matters that may affect them, which includes -
  • liaison with the Council, the Senate, the executive management, the general public, other higher education institutions, Students’ Representative Councils of other higher education institutions, national and international student organisations, unions and news media;
  • being an umbrella organisation for all student committees, clubs, Councils and societies, granting or withdrawing recognition of such student committees, clubs, Councils and societies as it deems appropriate;
  • the co-ordination and supervision of the use of students’ facilities and all matters pertaining thereto, in conjunction with the executive management;
  • the convening and conducting of all authorised meetings of the student body and to be the managing body in all general referenda and petitions organised by the students within the University’s Rules;
  • the appointment of such office-bearers and establishing of such committees as it deems necessary;
  • the organisation and promotion of extramural activities among students; keeping account of all moneys paid over to it by the Council and any other moneys which may accrue to it in its capacity as representative of the students and allocating and disbursing such funds for use by students as well as making grants to approved clubs, committees, societies and Councils;
  • the responsibility for the preservation of order at student functions and meetings and the ensuring of good conduct at such functions and meetings;
  • the co-ordination of student involvement in all community projects initiated by it;
  • the responsibility for student publications; the recommendation to the Council of rules to determine the conduct of its affairs;
  • the final decision making in all matters falling within its jurisdiction; and
  • such additional functions and privileges as may be specifically conferred on it by the Council of the University.