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20 years of Democracy 2014 Seminar Series

20 years of Democracy 2014 Seminar Series 

During 2014 the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences (CHS) at UWC will be hosting a series of seminars reflecting on the ongoing process of transformation in South Africa through our lenses as health and social sector professionals, educators and researchers. 


The 20th anniversary of democracy in South Africa is an important moment of celebration and reflection. We live in a complex and contradictory society, where the gains of democracy have been real but the challenges – social, economic and political - appear to grow every day. Even if access to social grants, electricity and housing has expanded greatly, for too many in South Africa, quality of life is a distant dream. How then do we rightly appraise what has been achieved while making sense of the ongoing challenges facing us as a nation? And importantly, how do we prepare our learners and position ourselves as scholars to best engage the constitutional project of social justice and equity in such a complex and confusing world? 

The Faculty 

CHS is a uniquely multi-disciplinary faculty: under and post graduate programmes train an array of health and social professionals - nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, psychology and social work. 

This environment provides a fertile space for inter-disciplinary engagement, reflection and sense-making, which the seminar series aims to promote. 

The Seminar Series 

See overleaf for Upcoming Seminars 

Upcoming Seminars 

Each Department or School will host a seminar, individually or jointly, on the series theme through their disciplinary perspective. Topics will address a range of issues such as changes in the profession, to teaching and learning, to research on social priorities and community interventions. The first of the series will start on 27th May and run on a weekly basis for three weeks thereafter 

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