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4 August 2020
Academic Week 2020
The annual University of the Western Cape Academic Week will take place from 14 to 17 September 2020. Academic Week aims to educate staff, students and other university stakeholders about learning and teaching initiatives as well as projects focused on strategic imperatives outlined in the University’s Institutional Operating Plan. Academic Week was launched by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Vivienne Lawack.

“We started this four years ago. Every year in September we focus on certain pertinent aspects of learning and teaching, as well as teaching innovation at UWC,” said Professor Lawack.

She said this year the focus would be on academic support in a remote learning and teaching environment. Special attention will be paid to alternative forms of assessment in an online learning environment as well as to curriculum transformation and renewal. Lastly, the spotlight will be on augmented reality and virtual reality within UWC’s online learning and teaching strategy.

More information about the event will follow.